July Freebies Around the Web

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July Freebies Around the Web

See any good freebies this month? Please share here!

I saw two today!

coffeshop blog put out a fabric paper maker action for free

http://www.thecoffeeshopblog.com/2011/02/coffeeshop-fabric-maker-action-and.html ( i did download i cannot wait to use it!!)

and then i found THIS!!! Origami paper butterfly action, pu/cu ok! and it was FREE!


infact this website has lots of fun stuff! http://stephsscrappybits.blogspot.com/search/label/action

Rachel @ Citrus and Mint put up a new kit yesterday.
It's called Fashionista and it's really cute.

Lot of cool stuff for PS users - you girls are so lucky!

Thank you, some nice stuff!

Pixel Dust This blog links to pinterest and the boards are sorted by the date they found the freebies! This one is a keeper!

Thanks Tiffany for the link to Pixel Dust. Great sit

Harper Finch at deviantART has great stuff.

I have a free full kit on my Facebook page for fans: www.facebook.com/lyllahravendesigns

There is also an add-on to the Stuff to Scrap July blog train on there right now!

April your free kit is very nice, thank you for sharing!
@Tiffany... I'll have to check out Pixel Dust when I have more time... thank you for sharing!
@ Dee... I LOVE Harper's designs... thanks so much for sharing!

hi thank u ladies. smiley

This is super cute! Thanks for sharing! smiley

OH and I almost forgot... I found this today, Chelle's Creations is doing a daily freebie everyday in July


Catherine, Thank you so much for posting the links to these great freebies!

Sweet Lilac Studios has a beautiful freebie kit in shades of blues and grays that also has an add on kit by Mommyish in the same shades.
Link is here.
They are beautiful, high quality products.

Webtreats has a treasure cave of stuff for PSE and PS users...loads of patterns, layer styles,brushes.

Thank you Sara, what a great find. Lots for free things for personal and commercial use.

Thank you for te nice stuff

What has happened to the monthly blog train post? The one here in the freebies section, not the one specific to PS blog trains. I loved coming here and being able to find all the blog trains in one place, especially all those sneaky ones that don't start on the first of the month. Could we bring this feature back, or is there some reason it has been eliminated? (Or perhaps it has been moved and I haven't found it again yet?)

Violet... I will try to bring it back... not sure if I'll be able to sticky it but I will start a thread for it.

Thanks, Sarah!

On another note, starting on Monday The Lilypad will be doing a free daily download for the next month, with the theme Ultimate Vacation. The kit from last year was really fun. Updates will apparently be posted here: http://the-lilypad.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=62

Her are two blogtrains on te blog van dusk 2 dawn http://dusk2dawnblogtrain.blogspot.nl/

So cute and generous! Thank you.

These butterflies are awesome. Thank you

I think I hid the blog train blog because I was confused about it usefulness. I'll see if I can find it.

Thank you Catherine... I'll have to go check those out now!

Thank you, Catherine!


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