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My tab bar looks freaked out right now. Let's see if I can stay awake long enough to get them all downloaded.

Wow! I love all these freebie links & would like to share mine. I have 4 blog trains that I'm participating in at the present time. About halfway down on my Home page at http://ditzbitz.weebly.com are previews of all 4. Click on the previews to get to the download page for my part & there you'll find links to the other designers' contributions. For some time now, when I make a new kit I also make a matching freebie so you may want to bookmark my site & come back to browse for freebies after you've followed the train links. I have child related only freebies at http://ditzbitzkidzkitz.weebly.com and freebie assets at http://ditzbitzandpieces.weebly.com. I also have a freebies group at https://facebook.com/groups/ditzbitzfreebies where I post freebies exclusive only to the group & my newsletter. I hope you'll all enjoy them. smiley

I found some freebies on Crafty Button Designs Facebook Wall... they DO NOT require a Facebook like so anyone can download them...

Check the following posts for freebies... (images are linked to the appropriate post)

July 13 - 3 ATC Card Backgrounds

July 09 - Shape It Up Challenge Freebie

July 04 - Americana Figures

June 29 - Ishmael's Anchors png pack

June 21 - Paper Pack

June 16 - Father Clip Art & Brushes

June 14 - Journal Junk Bonus - Little Folks

June 09 - Venice Carnival - Full Kit

May 31 - Papers and Animal Collage Sheet

May 24 - Eiffel Tower

There are more freebies found here at Crafty Button's Pinterest site

Karen Diamond has a new weekly download... the last in the Rejuvenation Series if I recall correctly... don't know if anyone has been downloading her huge kit but I figured I'd post this week's mini kit to remind folks it's there... requires facebook like...


Also... just wanted to remind everyone about goDigitalScrapbooking's 4,000+ Likes freebie... every 250 likes they release a new part to the collaboration... they're about 75 likes away from 4,500 so you still have time to get the second part...


Thanks Catherine!!! I love everything

Sarah thanks!!!

You're very welcome Patricia, It's my pleasure.

Edit: Just saw that goDigitalScrapbooking changed out their regular freebie so here's the link....


and just a friendly reminder to grab part two of their 4,000+ Likes freebie soon because they're 51 likes away from 4,500 and they'll change it to part three when they reach 4,500. here's the link for that again....


My new blog has freebie digital papers few times a week:


Please, take a look and let me know what you think - I just started!


Andrea... the papers look great so thank you for the link... if you want to post every time you post a freebie feel free to start your own thread in the main part of the freebie section... Actually I highly recommend doing that because I think it'll get you more views and therefore more visitors to your blog. Thank you again for the link! I look forward to seeing what all you create next!

Really cute mini kit from Heather Roselli and Meghan Mullens

Canadian Cutie

Last chance to get Touched by a Butterfly's weekly freebie and 3,100 likes freebie.... she's going to be changing them to new freebies in a couple of hours so hurry over there and grab them... requires Facebook Freebie...



This one just squeeked in!
Lori @ LJS made this for the Scrap Matters July Color Challenge. She makes great kits!

Here's a link to the site

I feel like I won the lottery.

those butterflies look awesome.


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