KrissyScraps Designs--PU/CU FREE ITEMS( April 8th, 2017-- Coming Back Again Note)

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KrissyScraps Designs--PU/CU FREE ITEMS( April 8th, 2017-- Coming Back Again Note)

Hello Friends,
Nice to meet you all. I am so happy to open this thread. You're all very much welcome to download everything here. I will be uploading them in my Google Drive. Everything will be available for free but please keep an eye if they are PU only or PU/CU.
Thank you very much for your interest friends.
My 1st set is here and it's PU/CU Free!! I hope you will like it!!


My pleasure!!

Here are some journal cards I have made for the designer challenge here. I hope you will like them!! smiley


thanks. i like it

My Pleasure!!

Thanks for sharing.

My pleasure Kathryn!!


Beautiful, Krissy!

You're welcome Benita and Sharon!!

Thanks for sharing your work! Love it! smiley

Very nice set, thanks for sharing! smiley

They are cute, thanks for sharing! smiley

Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Thank you a lot from heart dear Skye, Poodle and Smith!!

Awwww, Poodle?? What a cute name!! smiley

Hello, Here are two sets of paper I have made 1st time for Pixel Scrapper CU Blog train Jan 2017!!
As I don't have any blog so sharing them here. Hope you like it!! smiley smiley smiley


smiley smiley

Thank you Angela!!

Thank you Krissy! Love the flowery papers

Krissy I love your work! Those cute lil umbrella's are too sweet! smiley

My pleasure Dana and Libby!! Glad to know you like them..

Thanks smiley

Thanks for the CU templates. Love them!

Thank you for the complements Randi and Kathryn!!! smiley

Here is a set of 10 border templates I've made for Designer Challenge here. These are templates so can be used color balance adjustment in PS to colorize. If you try layer style then use color overlay option to choose your color, then change the layer mode to soft light and you're done!!


Hope you will like them!! smiley




smiley smiley smiley

My February 2017 Commercial blog train contribution is ready and available for download!! Grab it below--

This time as textures I choose old rotten papers and here's what I have got!! smiley
Enjoy!! THESE ARE FREE PU/CU ofcourse and 12x12" 300dpi print ready..


My pleasure!!