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love this site

Hi i just wanted to say thanks for all the work you do and the variety of freebies you put out there. i love how if i have a set theme i need, i can come here and search for it, also you give a colour variety as well, such a great site and a huge amount of assets, thank you.

I second that! Yes, thank you for sharing your time and talent. I enjoy the website, and I really enjoy the artwork. Some of the best I've seen. Every morning is like a trip to the scrapbook store!

So true haha really is like a trip to a scrapbook store smiley I feel like a child in a sweet shop here smiley

It's a really good site, you'll find everything you need here smiley It's a great community!

I so don't understand these forums but I just had to post this some place.
My very first cluster.

Beautiful.. I'm still trying to figure out how to make mine look that good.... maybe someday I will figure it out... LOL

So pretty Cathy

Thanks, I really do love this site

Very nice. smiley

i don't get forum's either i am really new at this, but i do love this site. so many things to search through. i am actually a paper scrapper but can get papers and journal cards from here and make use of some of the elements so i love that, i can print them whenever i need something, it's great that way.

Beware Rachel, this was how I started on this site, got hooked and - well, almost never do paper scrap by now, lol.

I agree this is a wonderful site. I'm new here too, but have already found so much great information and people on here. Glad I joined.

i know right, i spend most of my time on the computer looking for elements and not getting much done. oh well one day i will do something. lol. @lorien

And what's good is that it is so much cheaper too, i am trying to do PL albums and getting journal cards and printing them at home, is great i don't have to leave home to do it.

@Rachel: Let me know how printing the journal cards from the site goes, and if there's anything that would help for printing. This goes for anyone who uses things from Pixel Scrapper for printing. If there's anything that would help let me know. Also, I'd love to see photos of your work. We don't have the gallery set up for it now, but you can email me at

@Marisa: I only tried a couple of yours and a background from Brooke, and everytime it went perfectly well. The first time I used your stuff was to a hybrid mini-album I was making... Do you believe I never finshed it?

@Lorien: Haha. Do you believe that I believe it? smiley

Awwwww... So if I say that I was waiting for you to finish uploading Belgium bundle that I was using it won´t be a good excuse, right? smiley

In fact, this was exact what happened: I have downloaded just the assets I was planning to use from the old site, and when I realised I needed a couple more came back and saw the notice that you and Jordan were making a new one. So I subscribed to Beta team... And here I am.

I love this site, too! The first thing I ever downloaded was this rainbow paper. I printed it onto an Avery label sheet to make stickers... it worked beautifully!

@Marissa I just put them in a word document and size them to fit my Becky Higgins protectors, also the We R protectors. will email you a page when i can, i have recently had surgery and in recovery mode at moment,
Just wanted to say thanks for such a cool website and community.