Nevermore - A Gothic Scrap Kit (Limited Time Freebie)

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Nevermore - A Gothic Scrap Kit (Limited Time Freebie)

Edit: Links removed. It's available to purchase if you missed out.

It's almost December and I have a to-do list a mile long, so what do I do?

I make a gothic themed scrap kit!

Cheryl made a request and I have things to do, so I decided to procrastinate instead.

This is free for a limited time, just for you Pixel Scrapper peeps. It'll be up for the next week or so, until November 30th (possibly later if I forget about it), then it'll be gone.

Thank you!! Even though I don't use Goth a lot, there are graphics I can use... I love purple and black smiley

Thank you Trish! This is so beautiful!

Thank you this is awesome!♥

What font did you use with the wordart MIDNIGHT? I love that!

Thank you for this! I love the colours you used.

Woah! Awesome! And I totally understand the procrastination thing! LOL! But designing kits is so FUN!

@Candace Ledbetter, I see you are a Chris Tomlin fan! Me too! Cool photo!

That I am Lisel! As well as many other Christian music artists. I just saw For King and Country this past weekend for like the 5th time.

This is really cool looking!!

Such an awesome kit!! Thanks for sharing this!

Pretty colors Trish! Thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you very much its great. Love the colours.

Thanks for the lovely comments.

Nae, the font is Flamingo. It's awesome, isn't it?

YES! I LOVE it.... thank you!♥ smiley

Thanks so much!

Trish - This kit is absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing! smiley

It's gorgeous!!

I'm glad you guys liked it. November is over so links have been removed.

You can grab the kit on Etsy if you missed out.

Or the whole bundle if you like.

Thank you!