October 2019 Freebies Around The Web

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October 2019 Freebies Around The Web

This is the place for all of those time-limited freebies you find; share a link with us so others can add them to their stashes as well!

Thank you for your cute stuff, Nae!

Your welcome. I am working on a BCA kit now. smiley Sorry I put the link to my frames twice.... I didn't mean to do that. Have a blessed day.♥

No worries! You too!

Grab all of these (and more) on my BLOG. Happy DSD

So awesome, thank you!

Got a another goodie for anyone interested.♥ Thank ya'll for all the awesome freebies! You are all AMAZING!♥

Alrighty I have a new freebie for ya'll. This month is Breast Cancer Awareness as you know and so I decided to make a freebie for everyone. Faith is the key to everything and so I focused on that while doing this kit. I believe with faith anything can be overcome. I hope you enjoy this kit. Everyone have a wonderful blessed night. ♥Nae


Thank you, this is beautiful!


Dana dear gorgeous temps! thank you so much for your generosity!

Nae love the gorgeous kit! thank you so much my dear

Thank you..... lots of beautiful things in here. I am thankful for them all. ♥Nae

Did you take it down? It's no longer working.

Terrell, I just tried it, it is working for me.. follow the link to the blog, click on the word 'HERE' (just above the preview) and it will take you to MediaFire where you can click on Download.

I did that but when I click on it it pops up the 2nd window (as they always do) and then just keep loading and said that the page was not working. I have a screen shot but I'm not going to put it up online to post it lol. But thank you smiley

Terrell, if you have some sort of adblocker or script blocker on your browser it might be stopping the page from loading. You can try right clicking HERE (or whatever the alternative is on a Mac if you have one) and copying the download link then pasting it in your browser. Hopefully that will work.

If you are talking about mine I can upload it to 4shared for ya..... just let me know. Hugs Nae

Oh my goodness! These are so cute. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you Grace James.

I love the Afternoon Delight kit but can't open rar files. Is there a program I need for it?

I've heard 7zip will open rar files. I've got a free program called Extract Now that's designed to open any kind of archive file (that I've found so far), and that does the job great.

I use 7zip and it opens every file except B1 files

A pretty Blackberry kit by Raspberry Road.

This beautiful mini kit Favorite Season is by Neia Scraps. It's a store freebie and I think it only lasts a week.

This is actually a November event, but it started today...


Yay! Thanks for posting Madge! smiley

You are most welcome, Jessica. This one is a pretty one!