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PU Freebies Persia Designs

Hi I shall pop some things I have made to share with you lovely people, thank you for making me part of your group.

Very beautiful work! Thank you!

I love it smiley

Love, love these. Thank you very much

your very welcome smiley

Another I did for the grandkids at halloween...

Looks a bit like me in the mornings roflol

Just finished this....

You can get it here


Thank you.♥

Do you have a blog and if so can I add it to my blog? I know alot of folks that would love these! I am going to share on my pinterest if thats ok?
Thank you so much again!♥ Nae

That's ok hon, I don't have a blog but I do have a lot of my freebies on this site http://www.sensualposers.net/forum as I have been a member there for approx 10 yrs

OH I know that site!!!! smiley I love it! Thank you for that....... God Bless.♥

Some Christmas goodies for personal use


How cute is "Cuddles"! I am a huge cat lover. I have 3 and if it wasn't for cleaning litter boxes, I'd have a few more! lol Thank you for all the graphics... the witches are wicked smiley

My kids loved those witches... am looking at making some Christmas ones smiley