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Freebies PU: Cully Scraps

This is a test run for me. Comments and constructive criticism will be much appreciated!

This is a smallish scrapbooking kit with a soft, Japanese-themed spring design with lots of watercolor papers and some elements.

[img]Sakura Spring by Cully, on Flickr[/img]

The download link is here:

The zip file has all of the papers but only a few elements--a few frames, a fan, some paper spinners for hanging and a journal card and butterfly. The rest of the elements will be added by the end of the week. Everything has turned out just as I wanted! I was so excited to post and could not wait until everything was ready! LOL!

As I mentioned, this is a test run. I am not much of a scrapbooker. My passion is making elements and papers. I'm not even very good at photoshop. I always used my iPad and only switched to a laptop when I couldn't maintain a consistent 300 dpi resolution. Please let me know if you have any problems or if something isn't right. I know there is a ton of help here at Pixelscrapper's but my fibromyalgia is severe to the point where reading with comprehension is difficult. As I learn how to do this correctly and if you like my work I promise to post more items.

Thank you for your help and kindness!

cully b

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What a great idea!!! I love the idea about a japanese spring theme. I love the elements, specially the butterfly, really lovely. Thank you so much for the beautiful kit smiley!!!, I will use it to decorate many spring pictures.

Cully, I'm somewhat less of a scrapbooker than a designer, as well. Don't feel bad about that--some designers make almost nothing but templates for their shops. Some others specialize in extractions or in layered vector elements. And quite a few people in the scrapbooking world have health issues...I think it's one of the things that gives us the time to spend on designing. I know I wouldn't have time to design if I were working and juggling a normal social life and housework with it, so I count it as a blessing that gives me time to explore my talents and learn new things.

One of the things I've been doing is learning stuff from a site called Skillshare. They're more general than a scrapbooking site, but it's all video classes with people teaching while showing their screens, and that might help when reading comprehension is tough. And if it's going too fast, you can always rewind. smiley They're a paid site, but they offer scholarships for people who want to learn and can't afford it. The one you'd apply for is the One For One scholarship on this page. I've been learning Illustrator, but there are lots of Photoshop and photography classes too. Check out the Photoshop for Lunch series by Helen Bradley--she's pretty good at teaching bite-sized lessons. And Brad Woodard's Fundamentals of Illustrator series took me from totally lost to making my own vector elements and patterns in just a few hours.

As much as I'm not normally a fan of pink, it's pretty essential to a sakura theme, and the rest of your color palette complements it well. The watercolors are a perfect choice, too. I love the overall delicate feel of this; it'll be lovely paired with almost any flowering trees, not just cherries. I can't wait to see the rest of the elements!

I finally finished my not-so-small kit "Sakura Spring". Thank you so much for your kind words, Graciela and Holly! They gave me the courage to continue when a few things were not working the way I wanted. There are 10 papers and about 70 elements, including 4 word arts. There is a bonus paper too. It isn't the same color scheme but I think it has the spirit of sakura spring. And please let me know what things need improving. I worked hard on it, but that doesn't mean it is correct. I work hard cooking dinner but my husband and I still call my meals "experiments! *chuckles* All constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

Here is the preview. Not everything is shown.

[img]Sakura Spring by Cully, on Flickr[/img]

And here is the download. File size is about 184MB. If that is too big, I will cut it in half. Again, if you have any problems or questions, let me know and I will do whatever I can to remedy.

Zip File

Yes, you are so right about the health issues. Even the shop owners. But it is so cool to have the world of the Internet and the ability to meet so many kind people.:)))


This is gorgeous!!! I'm so thankful for the beautiful and amazing gift!!! Thank you so much smiley!!
I made a tag for you, but I don't know how to download it right here smiley.
However I will try to download it. Thanks once more, I really love smiley it!!!

I hope that you can watch the tag that I made for you. Thanks once more for the beautiful stuff. Happy Spring smiley

I love seeing a Japanese-inspired kit that isn't made up of only black, red and white. It's beautiful. Thank you!

So pretty! I just went to Japan, so I'm in love with this! Thank you!

Very Pretty

Thank you so much for your kind comments. and PLEASE, if you find problems with anything let me know. I am a beginner at this and want to improve. *smiles* Also, as a thank you gift for your comments, here are 3 little Japanese dolls -- Kokeshi.



Sakura Spring by Cully, on Flickr[/img]

and here is the zip download

It's lovely and no problems downloading. In fact, it downloaded pretty darn quick. Thank you so much for sharing it. Rose

Very lovely kit. Thanks so much.

Beautiful smiley ! thank you so much smiley

You will see Asian-inspired, but never one of those black, red & white ones from me. Their textiles use soo many beautiful colors and all based on nature -- that is my inspiration. *grins*. And thank you for your kind comments.

Oh, wow! Thank you so much! Now I know you are a little angel! If the whole world were as kind as you it would be a happy place! I can't wait to use it as soon as I get off my iPad and on a computer.

Nice. Thanks for sharing!

I'm so glad that you like it smiley smiley . Thanks to you for your kind words and for sharing this wonderful stuff with us, really I do love smiley it!!!!
Have a wonderful day smiley smiley

Love the Japanese dolls. Thanks!

Cully, thanks for such a pretty kit, and for the cute little dolls!

Thank you! for this kit. I love the colors you used as well, and can't wait to play with all the goodies you offered!

Thank you

thank you for the lovely kit and add on dolls.

the asian style is one of my favorite, it's so amazing, thank you for sharing Cully smiley

Glad you like it! It is one of my favorite styles, too. I am planning another free kit soon in an asian style and color scheme---errrr, slowly. lol! I am just a bit slower than an old cat taking a nap. smiley I was sick a lot last month and missed the "vintage" blog train deadline, but have most of the work done so I will be posting that one here, too. But I decided to have a lot of fun and use the 1970s for my vintage kit. Actually 3 kits in one cuz I couldn't resist the slow fading of the hippie era or the beginnings of the new technology era (boy did I have a hard time finding a picture of a U.S. styled phone booth!) or the great music and hokey tv and classic movies for a 70s entertainment kit. Too much fun reminiscing for me and I hope others might have some fun with it too.

.......... and wanders off to find a picture of a pale green leisure suit like the one our old department head used to wear.....

You are most welcome. It was fun to make and way more fun to share! smiley

Again, thank you all, I am sooo happy you liked it. I have kits that I made for the "for the love of" and "yesteryear" blog trains that I didn't get completed in time, so will be sharing them soon, too.

Cully, thank you so much! Your kit is gorgeous!

Awesome kit for freebie TYVM.

Cully, thank you so much for these beautiful dolls!