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I have just posted a new kit on my blog. It's called Spring Coming .... (I really, really, really hope it is .... they do keep promising but only snow appears)

Very nice kit, its our Autumn here now and its quite nice, I do love Spring though, thanks for sharing

Here is another kit I posted this week ... Whisper of Spring ... lots of glitter in this one.

Here is another free bee .... Magic in books ... it has a transparent crystal ball ... enjoy

Magic in Books

Son preciosos!
Gracias por compartir
Un beso

I adore that vintage style, thanks for sharing!

Butterfly skies created for The Scrapbook Studio's June colour challange. This little kit was fun to make. I love butterflies.

Get it here: Cotton Arts Boutique

Would anybody like to come in and have a cup of rose hip tea? .... this little kit stars the wild roses in my wild flower garden. Wild Rose Tea

thanks for sharing

I have another free mini kit on my blog ...the flowers are from my garden smiley Mid Summer's Day Cotton Arts Boutique

Sue, you are very talented. I love the rose papers. Nice designs. xoxox Beth

I like your work so's awesome!!!.. smiley

i downloaded whisper of spring. thank you.


Here is another little kit I have created for the Digital Scrapbooking Studio for ADB Designs colour challenge.

Cotton Arts

Great kits! I love them....thanks!

Here is my latest kit for the Digital Scrapbooking Studio October colour challenge

Cotton Arts Boutique

very nice work!

Autumn Whispers is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

love the pallette Susan.. good work

Poodle ... isn't that palette a peach ... it's not my pick but Diane's from ADB Designs for the colour challenge on the Digital Scrapbooking Studio site. I'm thinking I'm going to use it again it's so pretty


it sure looks peach to me! Great work Susan.

Love the butterflys. Thanks

Here is this month's colour challenge mini kit for the Digital Scrapbooking Studio ... the challenge was 'delicate' and a muted colour palette which was very hard for me ... I don't usually do muted smiley You can pick it up here: Cotton Arts Boutique

I didn't join in the blog train but I do have several sets of paper dolls that would go well with December's blog train kits ... free on my blog if you want to take a look smiley Cotton Arts Boutique This is just one set

Thanks SUSAN.. love paper dolls cute

Thank U Susan. I love the "Gentle Whisperings".... I think you done muted brilliantly !
Barbara smiley smiley

Susan, I think that your Gentle Whisperings is absolutely beautiful! In fact, it just might be my favourite kit now! smiley

Thank you Robyn smiley

You're welcome! smiley