What are your top 3 favorite sites for quality freebies?

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What are your top 3 favorite sites for quality freebies?

I love the thread about great holiday related freebies, and that got me to thinking...

What are your top 3 favorite sites overall for QUALITY freebies? I'd love to hear your suggestions and discover some new sources.

It's hard to narrow down to 3, but these are probably my favorites based on the quality of the designs as well as the quantity offered.

1) I *love* Shabby Princess' designs.

http://www.shabbyprincess.com/index.php/category/downloads/ - a good collection of excellent quality freebie kits, great to get a beginner started

http://www.theshabbyshoppe.com/blog/index.php/category/template-challenges/ - beautiful layered templates--be sure to scroll through the older entries to find all of them
[Update: Neither site seems to be working as of early 2019.]
2) I also really like Summer Driggs' kit designs. She hasn't been posting recently, but all of her great designs are still available for download. Scroll down and see the 'Quick links to kits' on the right. She has a lot of nice freebie kits and is another good source to get a beginner started.

http://summertimedesigns.blogspot.com/ [UPDATE: Blog has been removed; no designs available anymore.]

3) This site www.pixelscrapper.com (of course!!!)

Lol the first thing i got to think about it this site cause of the name, and it's true, they only spotlights good freebies smiley


Thanks for posting about the template challenges at theshabbyshoppe. They have some nice layouts posted with the templates. I think Shabby Princess is one of the first designers I learned about in digital scrapping.

@Jessica, that site has some nice downloads, thank you!

@Alison, I'm the same. I found it years ago when I first was getting started and it made me recognize the difference of high quality designs vs some of the other things you find out there. Still to this day, it remains one of my favs.

Well, I am plugging myself here smiley
I always have at least 3 freebies (templates) a week. All my templates are cu4cu and are in both PS and png format (for those who don't use PS). I usually only leave them up for 24 hours (but if you're a blog follower and you miss a freebie by a day or so you can always email me and I'll still send you the freebie link. I also give out a monthly blog follower gift (and it's usually a themed template bundle). I'm finishing up on a freebie Christmas gift for all my blog followers too.
Ok, I'm done plugging myself... smiley
I'm off to check out the other freebies. Thank you for the list!
My blog is www.sugarbuttdesigns.com UPDATE: Old site wants me to install some browser extension. Jen has a current site at http://sugarbuttartisticdesigns.blogspot.com/


Next to pixelscrapper.com and http://qualitydigiscrapfreebies.blogspot.se/ is http://bestfreedigitalscrapbook.com/. Not everything on there is high quality, but it's worth a look, and I already found some nice stuff there.

Thanks, some more good ones!

One Velvet Morning compiles Project Life freebies, and is a great place to feed my journal card addiction. She also has a lot of free printables, which aren't my thing, but look like fun for people with functioning printers smiley

I'll offer mine here too. I upload free things sometimes daily, but at least twice a week here: http://pixelberrypie.com
All of my things are printable at 300dpi. They are PNG files, .abr Brushes, jpegs or other design elements you can use in Photoshop, Gimp or other widely used design software.
Hope you can make something pretty!

[UPDATE: Link is broken as of 1/23/2019.]

In addition to Quality Digiscrap Freebies, I get links to good freebies from http://suzee-q-stuff.blogspot.ca
She doesn't post everyday but the freebie links she posts are always good quality and accurate as to what you will get.

[UPDATE 01/23/2019: Blog still up, no new posts since 2013. Images are broken, but many links still work if you're up to digging through them blind.]

Thank you for these links! As someone who is basically just starting out, it's great to find such awesome resources. Now if only I can stop downloading and actually start scrapping! smiley

Thanks for the links.


Anyone seen Scrappin Cop? She hasn't updated since October, but there are tons of great freebies with CU options. I found her because I was looking for some help getting a brush to follow a path in PSE, and she actually has an action for a workaround:

Stroke with a brush - PSE

I love Quality Digiscrap Freebies too...I like getting the daily email so you don't miss any!

I like this site (Pixel Scrapper) the most!

There are lots more but since I am often looking for CU files I really like sugarbuttdesigns [UPDATE 01/23/2019: Bad link, see post above in this thread for new site address.]

HG Designs [UPDATE 01/23/2019: Now forwards to hgdesigns.co but many freebies still available.]
She has lots of personal use and commercial use items.

Delicious Scraps [UPDATE 01/23/2019: Not updated since 2016, and download links are bad.]
Both personal use and commercial use items.

@ladyphillipa THANKS for that link...I have PSE and have hated that I couldn't use a brush on a path. Definitely downloading that!

@Connie, my pleasure! I was SO thrilled when I found it, I knew I had to share!!

Here's one that I used to go to and dl quite a few kits: http://www.computerscrapbook.com/

[UPDATE 1/23/2019: Site redirects to digiscrapbook.com, but is still a current source for freebies.]

Thanks for sharing the links guys!! smiley

A few weeks ago on twitter vintageholiday.com posted a link to a wonderful .pdf as a source book for free clipart. Really great images are to be found. I tested it out to be sure it wasn't a scam but it looks real nice. They are listed per subject, like: animals, angels, babies, birds etc.
It is a resource book so it will lead you to the web sites where the free art can be found.

Here is the download link for the .pdf

[UPDATE 1/23/2019: Link still valid.]

Thanks for these suggestions!

Yeah i've been wondering the same thing smiley

Wow, some good ones! Thanks so much! There are a bunch I haven't come across before.

Cheery Bear, that SuzieQ site looks like she takes the time to aggregate a bunch of freebies she's found in a lot of other sites. What a great timesaver! I like how she gives you a preview of each one so you don't have to click through to know if you want it.

@Joyce - I know exactly what you mean! My downloads folder is full of unsorted/unfiled downloads because between the constant freebie-hunting and the actual scrapping that's the only step I can cut out to try to keep this from taking over my whole life! smiley

One of my favorite places is Granny Enchanted - she designs free kits and then spotlight other free kits. She has SO many free things. I probably should avoid her site cause I end up downloading a whole bunch of stuff every time I go.

[UPDATE 1/23/2019: Link valid.]

I love the freebies that I get, some are truly amazing. I also found Shabby Princess years ago and Summertime Designs, love love their freebies digital kits. Thanks for all the links, off to visit them when I finish here for today smiley

Here's one I visit everyday. She lists daily downloads too. https://www.facebook.com/DSRCenter?ref=ts&fref=ts
Digital Scrapbooking Resource Center [UPDATE 1/23/2019: No updates since 2013.]

Also, some here may be familiar with Jodiann. She is doing a year long sabbatical from designing but has a website with many freebies. Hurry though The Year of the Clementine is over in February 2013. She has a $5 license fee if you want to use her stuff commercially. http://www.jodianncates.com/year-of-the-clementine/ [UPDATE 1/23/2019: Link dead.]

@Joyce- you can do it!!!

@Violet- I don't even do Project Life and I am obsessed with Journal Cards! LOL!

Jodiann's a sweet lady... I usually go to her site for her weekly menus. smiley

LOVE Sweet Shoppe Designs. They have a section in the shop called "sweet freebies". They switch out to new kits a lot more often than Shabbyprincess, but you have to keep checking back with them, and once the kit is taken off, you can't download it anymore. But I have downloaded some quality kits that I love and use all the time.

[UPDATE 1/23/2019: Dead link.]

I love http://farfarhill.blogspot.com/ for freebies. [UPDATE 1/23/2019: Link still valid.]

I've been "collecting" freebies from all over the web and created boards in Pinterest with all those freebies. I have individual boards for FREE papers, frames, (kits, elements & alphabets), backgrounds, quick pages, tape and templates. I also have a "board" called "DigiScrap Favorite Sites and Designers" with links to some of my favorite scrapbooking websites. Feel free to come by and snag some freebie links at http://pinterest.com/traceytilson/.

Thank you for all the links you have provided (above). Looks like I'll be busy uploading a ton of new Freebie links to Pinterest smiley

@Tracey: Great resource! Thanks for sharing with us!

very cool idea starting a pinterest board to share freebies with others. smiley