What are your top 3 favorite sites for quality freebies?

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Here are a couple more: Studio Manu http://digital-scrap-spirit.com/index.html. If you join her newsletter she gives you a free kit plus links for all of her 2012-2013 freebies. She is from Germany and is a beautiful designer!! [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link bad, use https://manudesigns.com/_freebies/ instead.]

Also I love Digital Scrapbooking Studio http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/. For new members you can get their "Renew" kit free, plus they have been having a Download-a-Day almost every month since I've joined several months ago. There is alway one or two freebies to download besides that in the newsletter. If I remember correctly I had a hard time joining as a member. I finally got on their Facebook page and asked how you join and someone let me use their name where it says "referred by" on the fill-out form. If you have problems, you can use my name mammafishy and hopefully that will get you in. It still took a week or two before I got the email saying I could join. It's worth it!! [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link still good.]

Thank you to all that have given links...I can't wait to check them all out!!

All my faves are already listed LOL. Quality Digi Scrap Freebies, Shabby Princess and the Sweet Freebies from Sweet Shoppe. But one of my other favorites is Studio Flergs Blog. She will often put out mini kits freebies to go with her new kits, and her mini kits are pretty good! You'll have to scroll through the blog to find them, but it's usually worth it!

[UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link valid, 53 pages of freebies!!!]

Thank you ladies - there were several that were new to me and I am off to investigate!

Thanks, all nice sites.

thank you so much for all of this info,I needed to find places like these that have been shared. I found the Quality Digi Free Digi scraps blog a while back and I love that one, too. (it's already been mentioned, but I wanted to say that it is an awesome blog!)

thanks for all the links

There are also some beautiful PSD templates available here:


(You've got to scroll through each blog post to get to each of them.)

[UPDATE 2/5/2019: Site unavailable.]

So many links and so little time...lol ! Thank you all for sharing! smiley

I hadn't seen these templates before, they are stunning!


Beautiful freebies...

[UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link is good, though no new updates since Aug 2018.]

Wow, thanks a lot, everyone!

Hi, I found a site with beautiful freebies!

Check out ... I hope you enjoy!


[UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link valid.]


[UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link valid. No new posts since 12/29/2018 though?]

http://zigzagscrap.com [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link dead, domain expired.]
http://afterfivedesigns.com [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link dead.]

CU freebies from The Maltese Scrapper

[UPDATE 2/5/2019: Redirects to a lingerie website?! No digiscrap stuff found.]

Thanks Tracey - love the idea of pinning freebies and scrapbooking ideas!

Great Minds think a like. Thanks for sharing the great freebie link. I found a few I did not know about. smiley

You can find lots of great freebies on my website:

[UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link valid.]

Love your stuff, Krista! Think you were one of the first designers I ever bought something from! smiley

hi im ann i love
sorry if i did not do this right so new to this.

hi thank u all so much for the links. smiley

thank u all for the links. smiley

http://www.freeprettythingsforyou.com/ [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link valid.]
http://starsunflowerstudio.blogspot.com.br/ [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link valid, but you'll need to search through the blog.]
and http://www.pixelscrapper.com/ smiley

Love this thread! Thanks everyone!!

hi thanks for links. smiley

Thanks for all of the great links.

my 1st favorite and the one i tend to use the most for ideas and inspirations is Best Free Digital Scrapbooks. It's really easy to navigate around and find the things I want or need. The papers are easy to find as everything is in a catergory plus the tag cloud makes it so easy to find something by Holiday. And if that's not enough they have a choice to find by color, which is great cuase if you pick the color blue ( for example) everything that contains the color blue ( in every shade and hue) comes up. To me this site is like a candy store for me. [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link valid.]

My 2nd favorite is Summertime Designs This lady works hard on her kits, seems like everytime i turn around she has something new up! And i love her elements and papers. [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link says blog removed.]

my 3rd favorite i guess isn't really a scrapbooking site, but they have awesome papers and all sorts of neat things to download. Vintage printables [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link valid.]

I go to Sweet Shoppe as well. I think they change their freebies roughly around the 6 month mark? But you can also get HUGE freebie kits with a minimum purchase.

Hi, as a French, i will talk to you about french sites I love (i love qualitydigiscrap freebies and pixelscrapper too, to which I try to go daily) and not already mentioned :
1) http://bruissements.canalblog.com/
a new kit each month, and a blog train template
2) http://publiscrapmodo.canalblog.com/
weekly template, monthly kit
3) http://le-blog-clean-et-simple.blogspot.fr/
monthly template and kits.

[UPDATE 2/5/2019: All 3 links valid.]