What are your top 3 favorite sites for quality freebies?

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Hi... here's a site that is for Graphic Designers.... it's a store but they have a huge freebie section... they have everything from alphas to fonts to elements, to overlays, etc... everything including the freebies is CU/PU friendly so scrappers and designers alike might find useful things here...


Hi Luanne, how does this site work? I love the idea of free kits, and I even love the idea of buying not free kits, but i'm wary of how this site has things set up. Do I "need" to put in CC info when getting the free kits? I'd rather not put it in unless I'm purchasing a kit. Any advice on how the site works would be greatly appreciative. As a SAHM without any personal income at the moment, I'd rather NOT get charged even a small service fee unawares just because I didn't know when I don't have anything in the bank at the time of purchase. Especially when the purchase is supposed to be free. (I know full well I will purchase not free kits if I like the free ones lol, just not when I haven't got any money to spend!)

Hi Bethlyn.... so you fill your cart and then you give the site your billing address but you don't give them any actual CC info... just your address.... then you hit the button to finish your order and the downloads appear so there is no chance of them charging you anything since you didn't give them that information... just your address. Hope that helps!

I am absolute and completely amazed at Summer's work and how generous she is....my fave by far!!!!!!!!! Please do yourself a favor and go stalk her blog.... smiley


this is incredibly hard question to answer, I have dozens and dozens of favs..

but I do love Pinterest and DeviantArt

I wanted to add this site to the list. It's a site for free SVGs, which I do use as intended. But I also open and save copies of SVG files as PNGs so that I can use them in paint.net. There are lots of free images here! http://freesvgs.blogspot.com/

very cool thanks

Missy, your post about Summer's blog reminded me of a more efficient way to get files from 4shared. I click through her link to 4shared, then copy and paste that link address into the box on the home page at 4server.info. It's a much nicer clean, easy way to download 4shared files. Summer's blog is awesome, I haven't been there in a while! Thanks for reminding me of it. smiley

Angela, you're welcome!

I love the DigiScrap parade. I think they do a blog hop quarterly with lots of freebies.

Hi Tracy!
I too love farfarhill for their freebies...and just to let you know thanks to your Pinterest boards, I was able to download like mad the last 3-4 days!!! LOL!, little realising that Id end up seeing you here...Hi!!!

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Other comments by Chitra:

Hi everyone...
I was just reading thro' this post and have to thank all of you for giving the links to some great freebie sites...as I'm an avid freebie junkie...but what about russian with a dutch heart ... http://smiekeltje.blogspot.com/ ? its a site with superb quality scrap kits, ALL FOR FREE!!!...and does anyone try those downloading sites like 'allday.ru' & such? Many kits seem to be available for free there... smiley

Oh yes...another great site for freebies is miriam's scraps... http://miriams-scrap.blogspot.com/...

Yes...I agree with you, Debbie...salt town studio is also great... smiley

I agree with you, Julie...studiodigilious is a really great site...I was just there the other day & downloaded some nice kits...

Chitra that Russian with a Dutch Heart site is awesome! Tons and tons of freebies.....Lots and lots of great, quality element kits. Thanks for sharing!

All I can say is WOW! Michelle thank you soooo much for that link to your facebook page. Is there actually a thousand freebies there? I saved a ton of your papers, there beautiful by the way, and don't think I even got through half of them. Will definitely have to go back and check out the rest. Thanks again!

MyMemories Freebie Store it is full of all kinds of freebies from different designers. pages and pages check it out here

Thank you, Tracy!
FFH has been one of my fave sites for freebies...and yes, i visit your boards on Pinterest, also! Thanks for all the hard work!

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Other comments by Chitra:

In response to post #32: Hi Harriet... thanks but whats the link??

In response to post #43: I Loooooooovvve SMJ's designs!

In response to post #45: Hi Phillippa! Yes, I too like HF's designs...all are so vibrant and full of colour and life...and yes, also, she gives some great freebies...also, check her gallery on deviantheart...all freebies... woo hoo!!

In response to post #62: Hi Lana...I think maybe http://www.digitalscrapbookingstudio.com/ people have made it easier to join now...because recently I joined by shopping for some products and when you get to the checkout, they ask you to login as a returning customer or to register...it was that easy...

Designer Cuts has 69 freebies that they add too periodically. What I like most about this site is that most if not all of the freebies have a tutorial that go with it to teach you different skills in Photoshop (maybe Illustrator too)

All you need to do it enter your email and join their newsletter. I haven't noticed them sending me tons of emails so it shouldn't clutter your mail box.

You can find the freebies here

@Della: You're welcome!...plus, check out Arlene's site, Russian With a Dutch Heart's CT, her site too has some great freebies...if you read thro' Kyra's blog, you'll come across the link to Arlene's... smiley

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So sorry, I did not know that! Will do so in the future...I think I did the same today as I read your moderation late... smiley...

@Tina: Thanks Tina, for your encouragement...The world of creating, zipping, uploading, linking....an alien world to me...since I work exclusively in MSPowerpoint, & use photoshop only for certain things, I have to figure out the creating part...yes, like u said, i have to start somewhere...soon, soon...

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@For all freebie fanatics, i.e. all of us!!!

1. http://scrappiness-sylviaesther.blogspot.com/.............all freebies....small files....beautiful........excellent site....*****
2. http://lizastuff.blogspot.com/.......................all freebies...kits...elements...paper packs...etc....excellent site ....*****
3. http://mh-mixes.blogspot.com/....................all freebies....very small files....has not been posting much recently.....scroll older posts.....excellent site....***** (she fixes links which are not working if you leave her a message!)...she has a Pinterest board also....

O.K! I've given 5 stars for all 3 sites...:)...been downloading from them for years....

Enjoy, have fun downloading and leave some love smiley

Thank you, Chitra! I didn't know about those sites and I especially like the last one very much.

@Chitra... thank you your cooperation and help in keeping the threads tidy is greatly appreciated, and you did do the same thing that day but I tidied it up for you.

As an fyi - I just downloaded one beautiful kit from mh-mixes, and it is not 12x12 sizing. If there is a way to increase the sizing so it will print 12x12 correctly, please let me know!!

Thanks for this link, Daniela...I can't believe I've never found her sight before!

my go-to freebies on a regular basis:
Kimeric Kreations ... freebies (layered elements, some papers and some qp) that coordinate with her most recent kit release are put up every couple of days and do not expire! i use them independent of her kits.

Miss Kate Cuttables...daily (good for that day only) .svg downloads (although you have to go through the store's checkout system) ... really good title words and other cute bits! (i don't know why the link isn't linking here like the others...)

Tracy Martin Scrapbook Designs...you'll need to like her on Facebook and she has recently retired from regular designing to care for her daughter, but she still manages to put new mini-kits out on her Facebook page a few times a month. Fun stuff!
smiley Enjoy!

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@Marcia, Generally speaking you can't upsize things without losing quality. so if it's 8x8 (or something else smaller) you're pretty much stuck with it, however if it's bigger downsizing is possible without loss of quality.

Thanks, Sera. That's what I thought. It's hard for me, being a newbie at this, when so many online kits are not 12x12 sized, but not indicated as being smaller. I'm so glad that most of the people here design large and do quality control checks!

I am very fond of pixelscrapper and pauline at dreamin4ever http://dreamn4everdesigns.blogspot.in/

and some more favorites are ----

Connie Prince -- a daily freebie and I love the style of her graphics ... http://scrapinfusions.blogspot.in/

KimB has loads of nice freebies -- last counted 123 I think.... yum smiley though I am not sure all are working links.



also there is Kimeric & blueheartscraps as mentioned earlier.

Thanks for all this links! Would be awsome if there would be a list with them smiley .
I Love Summer's kits too! It's just a shame she didn't post for the last year (and a half)... hope everything is okay and maybe she'll be online again smiley

glad to come across this post, will be checking out the different links everyone has shared and add some of mine if they are not listed yet. thanks!

Now that my bookmarks folder is full I'll be spending the next YEAR of my life downloading freebies smiley