What are your top 3 favorite sites for quality freebies?

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I think http://www.grannyenchanted.com is awesome - I've really found a lot of great freebies there. As a matter of fact, there are so many that I'm still slowly making my way through them all! smiley

Thank you so much, Linda ...

I'm new to this site and I've just been looking at your freebies - they are gorgeous -x-

I have really liked Kimeric kreations http://kimerickreations.blogspot.com/

I find new ones everyday, and they are almost all favorites.
Anyone that is generous enough to share their work is a fav of mine!

Angela I have to say I agree wholeheartedly... if someone is generous enough to share what they've spent time and energy on creating then they're a favorite of mine too!



hey Joyce...hahaha I so know what you mean, I seem to spend a lot of time buying craft bits and bobs instead of getting on and making it all..I feel a repeat performance happening here too smiley

@Brandi Thanks for the website! I am finding lots of goodies.

I found Far Far Hill while I was away recently and I am blown away by what is available there.
Some really cute alphabets, including a very nice coffee bean one for all the addicts here.


i love shabbyprincess too!!

The Coffee Shop Blog is by far one of my favorites!! www.thecoffeeshopblog.com I love how awesome she is and her layouts as well as photoshop actions etc are amazing!

I also as a photographer have always loved The Pioneer Woman, she has amazing tips on editing etc as well as freebies!

Scrappin' Cop has been around a long time and she does have some nice/cool things, but be careful, some of her items are low quality (blurry; stray pixels; photoed with poor lighting and shadows, etc.). I'm not trying to bad-mouth nor dis her; I've purchased her commercial license and have used some of her product myself through the years; I'm just saying it would be wise to quality check your finished work afterward.

Awesome files!! thank you

Wowwwwwwwww!! So many links here. I had some links too but they are already shared and got some more awesome sites to surf!! Thank you very much ladies!!

Wow! Such great suggestions. Thanks for sharing! smiley

Thanks for sharing!

I have just joined this FB group and she has tons of freebies.


I have a ton of favorites!
But for papers I love http://farfarhill.blogspot.se/
it's sad it takes a while to download, but totally worth it!!

just started posting again on her new blog, but her freebies are lovely!!

I LOVE Summer Driggs too!!! Seems as if her blog is now defunct, (has been for quite a bit!), Do you have any idea if she has a new blog or shop where her kits can be found?



Wow! Great things at Pixelberry Pie! Thank you!

What a great place to find things..thanks for sharing...

freeprettythingsforyou.com has GORGEOUS free scrapbooking paper

thanks for all the wonderful sites

Hi all, just a heads up that some of these sites aren't very secure. My laptop has crashed twice when I tried to download from a couple of different places x

Loving all the links. It's interesting to see how many of the resources are still around since the beginning of the thread and how many sadly aren't anymore. Does anyone have leads on other CU freebie places? Because that's always hard to find.

Hi there is

They all offer CU graphics for free and also for purchase but you have to join their sites.

Thanks for sharing everyone. I've found a few new ones in my search through this thread. So much fun.