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Yinzer Scraps freebies


I have started a blog to post freebies...I am NEW, NEW, NEW to the digital world of creating; not to mention blogging! smiley

There are only a few posts, but hopefully you find something you like:
....the most recent post is my response to the May 2017 blog train that was titled destinations. I just finished my part which is Pittsburgh related.


Also, my files are hosted on Google rive so please let me know if you have any problems, thanks!

Your tunnel sign made me laugh!

Thanks for emailing me and letting me know you did these!

glad you liked it!!! :p

Had fun getting the tunnel sign on your Pittsburgh offering.. Great for a road trip page .Thanks

@Poodle so glad you liked it! smiley

Thanks so much!

new download that follows the color palette from the blog train, but there are only a few items so i didn't bother adding it to the BT thread. Hope you find a use for the Monster themed papers or journal cards smiley

Thank you for sharing - love your designs

your stuff looks great

added a few snowflake templates to get you through the next few weeks until Spring! smiley hopefully you find a use for them

Thank you!

i have a few stamps based around the April 2018 Blog Train, not even a mini kit, just a few png files


Nice seeing someone from my neck of the woods smiley

hooray for pittsburghers!

Hello! I uploaded another freebie..it is D I S N E Y inspired...blatant actually smiley if you are not into the movie CARS, this may not be for you. As always have a wonderful day!

thank you... I can't see previews, but links work fine

i am having issues with google drive for image previews. not sure why! but glad the link worked to download! smiley

I'll admit I was really hoping the Pittsburgh one would have some hockey stuff! (We're not from there, but my husband is a huge Penguins fan.) It looks really good, though!

just a tidbit, @Becky, but hopefully can help! smiley

@Gina Thanks so much! So far, my husband has had me do a photoshoot of him and our boys in Penguins jerseys around every playoffs season since we had them, so this will definitely help me get those layouts done! smiley

Edit to add: I got really excited and already made a layout with the paper. So thanks again!