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Baby Toys

I did a search for baby/preschool/children's toys and there are very few graphics. Realistic Baby dolls, little toy phones, kiddie tea sets (like the Fisher Price ones with little smiling faces), doll strollers, doll houses, play kitchen, ride-em toys, mix and sort toys, board games, retro toys, little people... stuff like that. My oldest daughter loved Cabbage Patch dolls, my boys played a lot with Tonka trucks. As we all have children, know children, or like children (lol) it would be nice to have a Children's Toy Kit smiley

I do have this one, am I allowed to give a link??please remove if I am breaking rules..
It might not be what your after...but it is a toy one.

let me know if you are interested and I will give you a 50% off coupon

Thank you very much for the offer... but I'm looking for girlie-type toys and/or an all toy kit. I did do a google search for toys and got a few clipart toys smiley

I could be wrong, but from my understanding anything too specific looking like Fisher Price people or Cabbage Patch dolls could get dicey for copyright which is probably why you don't see a lot here of those kind of extractions.

I always had a children's playthings kit on the back burner to do but it would be more vintage toys - not modern. Things like dolls, dollhouses, wagons, string pull animals, balls, blocks, ect are what I had planned to put into it. Basically classic children's toys.

I will certainly try and work on it. I have a palette in mind that would be perfect for it. smiley

Oh Jessica that would be awesome! Thank you so so much smiley