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I have found little available on PixelScrapper for Canadian travel or Canada in general. The search results in a few maple leaves. Would it be possible to get a kit or bundle for Canada and it’s provinces? Maybe some word art for the provinces and major cities? I’m specifically interested in BC (Victoria and Vancouver) and Alberta (Calgary) but have stuff I haven't scrapbooked yet but should for Nova Scotia (Halifax) and PEI (Charlottetown).

Tomorrow I've got a kit going live of doodle outlines of Canada and the provinces/territories smiley It's not much but it's something!

Awesome! Thank you!

Does anybody else have anything Canandian to contribute?

I just finished a very Canadian layout using The Great White North Kit by Kerry Dempsey. I originally downloaded that from the Freebies forum here at Pixel Scrapper - but it was years ago (pre-Commons, if I remember correctly) so I'm not sure if it's still available. Kerry is one of the Commons designers, so maybe you could message her and ask if it's still available anywhere? It's more red & white and maple leaves though than province specific.