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Planner inserts

First, does anyone have a dated 2020 monthly calendar template? Or a link to a good one. I really do not care what day the week beings on. I use a Big Happy Planner at home. 2019 is ending pretty soon (can you even believe it will be 2020 soon!) thus I am needing to purchase a new planner and I just can not find one I really like. All I need for home is the whole month at a glance with a lined column to write bills in. I would also LOVE if the pages had tabs with the names of the months as well. Thanks in advance if anyone wants to take this one on. Even just a template would be fine.

Hi Kate

I found some excellent templates at this site: and also here:

Hope you find something you like.

This seems to be the right size for your book. Lots of options on the pages given and free for PU. Adjustable size it looks like.

Thanks so much everyone! I did find one that will work. Mom Envy has some great printables.

I've got these 2020 calendars coming out in a bit. No one else will be able to see them yet, but you should since you're on my Upload Team. Everyone else can see them in January smiley

They are bigger than they look in the preview and you should be able to use them for whatever planner layout you want to make.

I'll check them out! Thanks!

Edited: Those are perfect!