Graduation from College Themed kit

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Graduation from College Themed kit

I would like to request a “Graduation from College” themed kit. I find many kits for graduation but not specific to college. Also please add honors cords.

Thank you to all the talented artist who share their creations on this site and thank you for considering my request.

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Wanda .. are you looking for things like robes and mortar boards, tassels and diplomas ? ... that is what says adult graduation to me

Are you thinking Magna cum laude, summa cum laude? And tassels specific to your major?

I just hosted a Graduation kit challenge in the forum. You can find a few kits in there that you may like.

graduation in college is a very exciting moment in the life of all students! many wonderful memories remain in my memory. but do not forget for the exams to be taught. and if you don’t want to do this, you can turn to for help. professionals will do everything for you!