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I am looking for a mustard seed tree in watercolor as a png or layered with the trunk on a layer and the leaves on another - so I can recolor if needed for the holidays. Also, one that is full and one not - for winter.

I don't know where to request this, as I saw that the tutorial requests thread has been locked; so please excuse me for posting this tutorial request here.
I am curious to know how the mats are created, the ones with the fancy edges or glittery, swirly edges. They are really pretty & I have bought quite a few of the sets but I would like to know how they are created. Is there a tutorial on the site here, if so I would appreciate a pointer smiley
I know there are templates here, but I would like to know how a fancy edged solid paper has a glitter edge the same shape.
Like the light purple mat on the page below...

Basically what I would do is duplicate the fancy layer, add a stroke to it and then fill in the extra space. So now you have a solid mat behind the fancy design.

You can request tutorials here.

Thanks, Marisa...

I have no need for a wrestling kit, but this kit is terrific for that sport. Great work.

European zodiacs

How to create animal or character templates. Obviously you would use shapes and then alter the paths, but I just don't know how to do that lol

@Rachel: I use Illustrator to create anything like that. Would that still make a helpful tutorial for you?

Oh bummer. I don't have illustrator....would have to save up a ton for that program.

Since I haven't seen a tut on this, I'm gonna say yeah....go ahead and do one. Maybe I can find a free vector program to try and try to convert your tut for it. At least until I can afford something better.

@Rachel, you could try Inkscape. It's a free vector program. Although it's not as powerful as Illustrator, it's quite good for what it is. You could probably follow along with a tutorial with a bit of playing around.

Thank you, Trish! I will try it.