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I am looking for a mustard seed tree in watercolor as a png or layered with the trunk on a layer and the leaves on another - so I can recolor if needed for the holidays. Also, one that is full and one not - for winter.

I don't know where to request this, as I saw that the tutorial requests thread has been locked; so please excuse me for posting this tutorial request here.
I am curious to know how the mats are created, the ones with the fancy edges or glittery, swirly edges. They are really pretty & I have bought quite a few of the sets but I would like to know how they are created. Is there a tutorial on the site here, if so I would appreciate a pointer smiley
I know there are templates here, but I would like to know how a fancy edged solid paper has a glitter edge the same shape.
Like the light purple mat on the page below...

Basically what I would do is duplicate the fancy layer, add a stroke to it and then fill in the extra space. So now you have a solid mat behind the fancy design.

You can request tutorials here.

Thanks, Marisa...

I have no need for a wrestling kit, but this kit is terrific for that sport. Great work.