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I'm wondering if someone can make me a pretty word art that will match this page because I am going to make this a double page spread and the other page will have the word art and a picture with another cluster! I would like it to say "The Reveal" and maybe also for this page to match with a word art that says "Hint! Hint!" I am not good at creating word art! Please and thank you very much for your time!


I see your word strips, Kayl, for "Mum" and "Nana", etc.
They look great!
Would it be possible to have strips like that with "Nonnie", and "Busha"?
We have a very unique situation in my family (I have a biological family---my son calls Mom Grandma, my husband has an adoptive family---my son calls his Mom Busha, and I have a foster family that I moved in with when I was 17 and still spend the most time with----my son calls my Foster-Mom Nonnie).
And if it's not too much to ask, could I also request "Opa" and "Gramps"?
My son called my biological Dad that, and I was very close to my Dad before he died in 2009, so I have lots of photos.
And my husband's adoptive Dad is called "Gramps".
Thank you for considering this!

I second the request for a series of french words and sayings smiley

There's a big community of French scrapbookers out there, and they do a bunch of free kits....most of which have some word art in them. You might need to apply a hue adjustment to make it match with the kit you're using on a page, but that's an easy adjustment in photoshop. Or you could lock transparency and paint with a brush in color mode to recolor. Anyway, check out http://publiscrapmodo.canalblog.com/ and see what you can find there!

Thanks Holly for the link, lots to look at there smiley

I have a word art request please. I would love word art to use for a Great Gatsby themed party. I believe copyright has expired on the original works so that shouldn't be an issue. Any quotes or words would be great but here are some specific suggestions:

  • Party like Gatsby
  • Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right
  • Men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars
  • First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you
  • Ain't no party like a Gatsby party
  • I like large parties. They're so intimate. At small parties there isn't any privacy.
  • Beautiful little fool.

It's a fun theme! Champagne, extravagance, love, etc all suits. There are some great F Scott Fitzgerald quotes out there too.

Thanks to anyone who considers this one smiley

I have just made two packs of word arts in French (I'm French speaking). They are in shop here : http://goo.gl/YFIzwK

You can have a look to my facebook page and like it : https://www.facebook.com/PerlineDesign/ So, you'll be informed of all I make in French.

See you soon, I hope

would love to have some of the following:

1-PREGNANCY THEMED wordart to build a planner/journal:
trimesters; ultrasound; months, weeks, doctor visit, words centered around, baby, pregnancy/expecting.

2-BABY'S FIRST YEAR, milestones, months, baby quotes, etc. to build a scrapbook binder.

3-RECIPE WORDS to make cards/binders:
measurements/conversions, food quotes, food categories, etc.


Have you seen Melo's Bundle?

Also, Marisa is coming out with a Baby's first Christmas kit in early December smiley

So sorry Lisel!! I don't think I ever got a notification that you replied to me in regards to my word strips!

I know it's been 10 months now but I'd be happy to make those strips if you'd give me a list of words or phrases! If you just want Nonnie, Busha, Opa, and Gramps I can certainly do that, too. Just figured I'd ask if you want other phrases, too. It would take me long at all to knock them all out smiley

Yes, I have Melo's bundle and I love it! I will def be looking forward to Marisa's as well! Does Melo have a temp kit to match? Thanks!

I don't believe she has ever uploaded templates for that bundle but you could certainly shoot her a message and ask if she plans to or at least show interest in the temps smiley

LOL! Yes, Kayl, those would be great! Thank you!

Would you like them textured or untextured? Or both? smiley

Sorry, Kayl, I didn't see this until today! Oops!
Um....both? If it's not too much trouble?
Or, just like the original ones you posted before.
Thank you so much, Kayl!

Ha, something about this thread doesn't like to send notifications it seems! I just saw this!

I've got both, you can download them here!

Thank you so much, Kayl!

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and a few co-conditions due to this the words Warrior, Strong and Zebra are words I need.
I know many other Zebra Warriors who scrap so it would be lovely to be able to share a source of word art with them.

Zebra Strong
Zebra Warrior

Would all be great, currently I found a small selection of strong so that is fantastic, so warrior is the priority. People could use it for other layouts such as Weekend Warrior, etc.

Did you have a specific theme or style in mind? I'm more of a word strip kinda gal myself, I've yet to unlock wordart creativity mode personally smiley But if you have a general idea of style or theme/type, I'd be willing to give some of those a try smiley

I recently broke my arm. Do we have word art for doctor, healing stuff like that?


There's this kit, and don't miss the rest of the bundle!

Thank you,

You'll find a few wordarts free on my blog, such as :

Is it possible to have Grandma, Grandpa, Mother, Father, Papa (pronounced pup aar), Mama (pronounced mum aar) Mummy and I, Father and I, Best Mummy ever, Best mother ever? This may suit those down under and UKEng folk. The correct UKEng is I rather that me, although some use the latter, now. Talk about confusing, Eh? But grammarian types still prefer the I.

Great job.

Hi - On a layout where I used words in a big number (See 7 Months Old), there was a request for a template of this file. Since I used about 10 Personal Use free download fonts - and have purchased zero fonts as Commercial Use - I thought a designer with access to commercial fonts might be interested in putting together this type of layered template where someone only needs to put in their own words. I think some scrappers might find Word Art Numbers useful, especially if they can customize them on their own.

P.S. - I should mention that I don't scrap in PS or PSE, which I understand is where layered files are usually created.

Hi, I'm looking for hockey specific word art, preferably layered so team colours can be utilized.

Specifically any of these...
bar down
Gordie Howe Hat Trick
lumber or twig
One for the Show
top shelf