2019 Blog Train - Vote Now!

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2019 Blog Train - Vote Now!

You can vote for AS MANY AS YOU LIKE. The ones that are close in high number of votes I will set for the upcoming blog trains starting in January. So we may end up with three, or up to six if they all have similar numbers of votes.

Science Fiction image
Science Fiction
52% (74 votes)
Walk on the Wild Side image
Walk on the Wild Side
50% (71 votes)
Umbrella Weather image
Umbrella Weather
46% (65 votes)
Storytelling image
46% (65 votes)
Mardi Gras image
Mardi Gras
41% (58 votes)
Spring Cleaning image
Spring Cleaning
40% (57 votes)
Total votes: 140

Great color palettes!

Marisa, I adore the new violet colors you add to the Science Fiction palette!

Nice! I voted for a few but I like them all.

Great color combinations!

Great color palettes.

I'm developing a Bundle on science. I'm super excited about the theme.



Beautiful color palettes.

we have SO many "book" kits here... if that Storytelling wins can we at least put it at the end so it will be farther away from now, we just had A mug and book, and tea and toast was not too long ago too ect. just my 0.02 The Mardi Gras one is to DIE for!!!! they are all beautiful thou!!!

Varia, Marisa opened a thread so that everyone could give their opinion on themes and colors and we ended up on a decision, it was a brainstorming, and you wasn't there, so please be kind. Personally, I spent a lot of time thinking about themes and making color palettes, as well as my partners, and you hurt me with your words about the storytelling.

In fact, I took a look to your gallery and you use Storytelling kits to make your layouts!! Wasn't you aware of that? The Storytelling theme is not just about books or tea, please search in Google "storytelling scrapkit" and you will see...

voted smiley

Wow! I'm willing to start with the kits! smiley

Sorry if your feelings were hurt by my opinion.... that's usually called life.
I am not a designer, i do not make kits.
There is NOTHING wrong with me stating my opinion that I am tired of kits focusing on books.
that is all I said. and I am allowed to say it.
have a nice day and life. smiley

Thanks God there are polite, empathetic and mature people here, Varia!

I won't follow any more your next comments, neither I will answer them, it's not worth

Sonia, YOU emailed ME.
have a nice day.

Varia, I want peace with you, may I send you a private message, please?

Sonia, I have nothing but peace towards you. Why is there anything to email about, I said something, you did not like it, happens all day long in the world to everyone, not sure why you want make something out of it. You are a free person you can email me all you like, I am a free person and may not respond. Ty

A friendly reminder that without the benefit of face to face cues it can be easy to misinterpret people's intentions. Please try to keep your posts friendly and give other posters the benefit of the doubt in regards to the intent of their post. It's easy to jump to conclusions, but you may very easily be misinterpreting the posters intent.

@Varia: The Tea & Toast theme was my personal creation, and not connected to a blog train, nor did it have anything to do with books. The Mug & A Book theme was done in April 2018 and so it will be a year to when these palettes come out. Also, as discussed in the ideas thread, the Storytelling theme is not necessarily about books (although some may choose that option if they want) but about journaling and helping people to tell their own stories. You are of course entitled to your opinion, but remember that as designers we work hard on these creations, and even just coming up with ideas takes time and effort and thought.

@Marisa, I know it takes time and effort, just seems like if you don't love every single thing someone gets offended. I am not nor never have been or will be a "yes to everything" type of person. And I know about Tea and Toast, I can't remember the other one I was thinking of. I think it sounds great about "about journaling and helping people to tell their own stories." If that's how it come's out, I know a lot of people will probably make book related items thou, all I was asking (and I do not ever expect anyone do what I ask) I was just asking if it turns out book heavy could we put it at the end of the others, it was just my opinion, I don't need anyone to agree or like or do it, I was just thinking out loud I guess. I did not mean any offense at all... I hope that is clear. I am very happy here, I was just trying to share my opinion...

Thanks for your reply Varia. smiley I think we may be extra touchy about the blog train because we get a surprising amount of complaints about it considering it's a free service that does not require participation.

Most welcome smiley That is a true shame Marisa, because it is GREAT! And I do understand how that would make people feel extra touchy. I am looking VERY forward to all the upcoming blog trains!! All of the colors are awesome!!

Great palettes and themes! keeping my fingers crossed for science fiction and umbrella weather (especially umbrella weather). But I'll use the ones that don't make it as inspiration for themes to create and upload to the Commons. smiley I'll have to check the discussion thread regarding Walk on the Wild Side 'cause I'm drawing a total blank smiley

Me too, Dawn! No idea to make a "Walk on the Wild Side" kit! It sounds to me like a zoo theme, but I will try to give it a turn and make something very different

Lovely palettes and themes. Im already looking forward to seeing what everyone creates.

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