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About Pixel Scrapper Blog Trains

For Participating

The goal of the Pixel Scrapper Blog Train is to create a relaxed environment for designers of all levels to work together and share their creations with the community. Here's the general plan.

  1. Currently the Pixel Scrapper Blog Train happens every month, going live on the first.
  2. Usually we vote on a palette and theme in the middle of the month of a running blog train.
  3. You are welcome to participate in the blog train however you'd like. There is no requirement for participating, and no sign up. We do suggest that you keep your portion on the smaller size to make the finished product more manageable.
  4. A few days before the beginning of the month for the blog train I will post a sign-up thread where people can post their preview and link.

Things To Note In Your Preview
I've had several requests that the following be made clear on the preview:

  • License for the freebie (Personal Use, Commercial Use, etc).
  • If it's a tagger kit (not full-resolution for printing), please note that as well.


I may have to join in on this,thank you for the info.

Thanks, Marisa! Excellent that this has been moved to it's own thread and excellent explanation.

I would love to join the August Blog Train, but cannot find the pin on pinterest to add myself smiley

Do you have to have a certain number of points, or be able to post in the gallery, or anything like that to be able to participate?

You can apply for gallery access here. You will need to have at 25 community points.

I hope be able to participate in the august blog train .

I was wondering what blog train was. I may have to work up to that.

I like the looks of this... count me in! smiley

What are the rules about how long we need to leave it up for downloading (I assume until the end of that month) and on putting it in our own store afterwards or making it into a larger kit afterwards.


Generally, I think 1 month is appreciated to keep the link up. After that you may do what you like.

I still don't have a blog or business FB page...(I am a shy thing)
can I still join in?

Sure. Just put the direct link to the download in the sign up thread with your preview.

I'd like to join in this blog train for August. Are the previews posted in the gallery here as well as on Pinterest? I am a bit confused on the Pinterest bit.

Pinterest is just for inspiration. You don't even have to look at it if you don't want to. The gallery at Pixel Scrapper is only for layouts. There are directions here for posting images in the forums.

My kit is made,but where do i place it for all to see and grab if they like?
I am planning on placing this on my blog,also.

I'll post the sign up thread just before the month ends.

Marisa,i am leaving on a beach vacation Aug 3rd,which means i'll have to pack on Aug 2nd.
I plan on signing up,however,since this is my first time doing this i really don't know what to do next.
I know how to post to my blog,but what do i do concerning pixel scrapper?
I am trying to get all my ducks in a row before i leave,i have a lot going on and wanna make sure i know everything before i get to busy.

I just posted the sign up thread, so you can add your part.


I would love to join for next blog train... how do I get invited for that?

Andrea Kostellic wrote:


I would love to join for next blog train... how do I get invited for that?

The next blog train will probably run in October if we keep to the "every other month" schedule. You don't need an invitation to participate, you can just sign up when the sign up thread is posted. We will probably start voting for the colour scheme shortly (within a week or two).

Thanks for the info! I'd love to join in for October!

When you say keep portions on the small side, can you give me an idea of what you have in mind, please? x

I would say 5 papers or less and 10 elements or less is "small."

I am new here and learning. My Pinterest Name is Retta Book. Would you add meplease? Thank You!


Thank you!! x

@Retta: I've been trying to add you to the Pinterest board, but for some reason it's not working. I'll try again later.

Thank you for the resources smiley
I've been looking for blog trains to participate, since 1 of my favorite stores is closing at the end of September smiley I currently participate in 3 + this one! smiley

Yeah, IK of some stores closing soon, and this is so sad smiley

Awesome creations! I plan to join in, if I can managed to make something in time.

Well, I would use the logo if I could figure out how to get it!! I d/l the template, but I think it covers too much of the preview. Help!!

You can find the logo here.