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Deb, We would love to have you join. If you need to go to step one for our next blog-train, you can find the pallet under the "Working" tab for July. Aug blog-train is in the planning stage if you would need more time. I am so excited that you have expressed interest in joining us. Welcome aboard. xoxox Beth

I know I saw it but now I can't find it. Where can I get the new preview template?

Thank you Bre!

Can I also add a bit about "naming" your files? Well, I'm going to anyway. smiley
It would be really nice if people considered naming their individual pieces (bg, ellies, wa, etc) with a distinctive pattern.
For example, ccc_(name creative name)_PSAug_(blogmonth/or name of train)_bg1(description of element).
I get really frustrated when I open a zip and find a very detailed TOU with elements named: paper1, bow3, ribbon5. I personally would LOVE to give YOU credit for your work in my layouts, but I do NOT have the time to rename YOUR elements with something that matches your creative name. Thank you!!!

I am not a designer but I would love to try my hand at designing. Will I be allowed to join the blog train? And is there a minimum requirement like must have 8 papers, 12 elements or something smiley Thanks.

There are basically no requirements Ella! Just mark on your preview if things are for PU or CU, that's always helpful to people. I post the official sign up thread at the end of the month.

Thanks Marisa. I'll try to come up with something for the October Blog Train. smiley

This is my first blog train and I have a couple of questions. Once it goes live, do I just need to post my part on my blog? Link to here and/or others who are participating?



I'll post a sign up thread near the end of the month where you can post the link to your blog. On your blog you just need to post your part, and a link back to the sign up thread which also works as the list.

Cool, thanks, Marisa!


I designed kits a few years ago and would love to add to the blog train here. I really miss the creative process in Photoshop. I'll see what is happening in November and hopefully have a contribution to add.

I have been AWOL for a while but am joining in on the Jan 2015 train.

So, just to be clear, anyone can participate in the blog trains? I only ask because I'd like to try the January 2015 one.

Everyone is welcome Vidia!

Okay, thank you! I'll get started ASAP. smiley

One more question: Do I need to have a blog, or can just a link be used to either Dropbox or 4shared? If a blog is more preferable, I can create one.

@Vidia: Which ever works best for you is fine with us!

Do I need to have a blog, or can just a link be used to either Dropbox or 4shared? If a blog is more preferable, I can create one.

Hi, I am a Blog Train newbie, I apologize if my question sounds silly, but I read all the sticky threads and some of the BT ideas threads and could not find an answer: regarding the color palettes that are chosen for the blog train design, do we need to work with only those colors or we can go up and down a little on the Hex Color codes from the palettes?

I think most of us usually stick to the colors in the palette.