April 2014 Blog Train: Comments

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April 2014 Blog Train: Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until April 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

This is going to be so great!! The colors are AMAZING and the theme is FANTASTIC! I love everything I've seen so far, can't wait to see (and download) it all!!

The kits are all so beautiful! I can't wait for the 1st of April. Thanks everyone for sharing! I especially love the kits with owls and birds - they are just adorable.

Once again, we did an awesome job!, I love being part of this blog train! smiley

All of you wonderful designers need to give yourselves a big pat on the back -- once again, you have produced some very pretty kits! Well done!

I love these colors and thanks to everyone who is contributing. There are lots of wonderful goodies offered here! Can't wait.

This is such a great group of talented ladies. smiley Beautiful work!

You designers outdid yourselves! Fun colors, fun elements, I can see lots of layouts coming! Just lovely

Raye, your links do not work - a real shame as I wanted your kit!!

@ Patricia - thanks for the head's up. Links have been corrected and tested...another lesson learned smiley

I wanted to thank you and all of the other designers for such great work on the blog train! I love every bit of it. It gives me inspiration to see what everyone came up with. I hope to one day be able to be as talented and make some digital scrapbook designs of my own. smiley

Everyone did some amazing portions!! Thanks so much!!

Wow! Nice blog train! Thanks a ton!

Beautiful Work Ladies, Thank you!

WOW! I am loving this train so far! Working on getting everything unzipped still. Thanks everyone.

Thank you all for another great BT. It will take a while to unzip them all but looking forward to making some great layout with them.

thank you everyone! such beautiful work!! smiley lots of love!

Fabulous job everyone on yet another Superb Pixel Scrapper Blog Train!!!!

Thank you all so much for sharing your talents and designs with us and for
making this the best train running month after month smiley

So many great contributions! Good job ladies!:)

Love, love, love the blog train this month. Fabulous job everyone!

Fabulous! I had to be good and show restraint with the old download button but they were so pretty. A huge thanks to all involved!

Sorry to all of those who have had trouble downloading mine! It would seem that Pixel Scrapper Blog Trains are very popular and DropBox simply crashed my account!
I have since shifted everything to Google Drive - so hopefully you will all be able to get it now.

Everything looks amazing!! I finally updated my "reservation" and posted my kit. It's #40 in the final thread

I love the colors and all the gorgeous kits. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Thank you so much for these beautiful scrapkits.

Finally downloaded the parts today. Can't wait to get started. smiley

Karry D, thank you for sharing you very interesting kits here with us. I am drawn to the grunge parts but like your whole kit. I find it interesting that you put handprints in your kit. We often hear 'only leave footprints' when we visit numerous locations to remind us to clean up after ourselves or do not harm. We also hear about our footprint in terms of our impact on the earth. We can often see footprint and seldom see handprints, but most of the harm or impact we cause are caused by our hands. You might not have been using them as a symbol, but they speak volumes to me.

Thanks again for sharing.

Wow ladies !!!!! Another wonderful blog train smiley
You spoil us......
Thank you all for sharing your wonderful talent with us. smiley

Just looked at all the entries, fabulous! I could spend all day on here smiley

Hi! I want to thank all those involved in creating this blog train and for all their hard work. It is lovely!

Has anyone been having any trouble downloading my kits?