April 2014 Blog Train: Final List

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Here's my part on my blog Dea's designs:

I just posted my part on my blog here: http://www.spunkydoodles.com/mote/

Available now on my blog:) Happy Earth Day!!

Available on my BLOG HERE!

You can get my kit Here

Available on my blog on April 1:

Available on my blog BitsO'Scrap

Here I am... lol Present! Please join me at D2A <-----

Pick up my kit Here

You can find my portion in my blog NOW!
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Creations By: Samantha ♥

Finally am able to get here to post this. My internet has been down more than up the past 24 hours.

These are on my blog in one download:

This one is a store freebie:

You can find them here on my blog

A bit late, but I finally got my part done - You can find it on the blog



You can find my portion of the train on my Facebook Page. Though it has also been uploaded here at the site for those of you who've already purchased an unlimited download subscription.

Hi, I am very late but here is my part:

Im my blog HERE


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