April 2014 Blog Train: Ideas

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April 2014 Blog Train: Ideas

It's that time when we need ideas for the next blog train (April). I'm looking for color and theme ideas.

Here are my suggestions!!
"Earth Day"
★ ★ ★

"Day Of Hope"
★ ★ ★

Here is my first suggestion:
"Spring is Here"
• • •

• • •

"A Beautiful Day"
• • •

• • •

"April Showers"
• • •

• • •

I love the Earth Day, Day of Hope and April Showers palettes so far.

Easter Sweets


Earth Day and Easter Sweets are my fav's so far!

I am a sucker for Bright and cherry colors. Something for the kids! Carnival or Beach fun theme. How about this color chart

Festival/mexican/party/birthday....maybe with some bright yellows...

Or more earth tones like Jiovanna's:

Or with a bit of pink:

@Lori: Love your palette: What do you think as "Fun" or "let´s party" for the theme/title?

@Nadia: Your last palette was used on a blogtrain last year. It wasn´t here, so we can use it anyway, but I would like to let you know, lol.

@Lórien: I didn't know that smiley But if everyone uses the palettes from design seeds it's no coincidence that it's used on other scrapbook sites. Maybe we have to make our own palette??

I love the idea of doors. To me, they're the essence of a beginning - just like spring. Garden doors, front doors.

Also, these colors lend themselves to Cinco de Mayo as well. smiley

Something totally different.......Fiësta theme

When I first read the word Easter and saw Karry's palette my mind got full of cute Easter ideas. So I'm really liking the idea of an Easter themed blog train. Here are the color palettes I like (or a combination of some):








But I'm also really liking the Fresh Hues of Nadia and the April Showers of Samantha smiley

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