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@Samantha: Yes we did, as always lol

Okay I just have to throw this out there, starting to wonder if Jiovanna and Samantha are the same person? You guys look so similar except for one has glasses and your work is so similar. But I LOVE what both of you do. I'm in to bright bold colors and your kits are always so cheery.

Karry, they claim to be real-life long time friends, lol. But I guess we should make a pettition "we want to see a photo with Samantha and Jiovanna togerher" so we can be sure, lol. Girls, you know I´m just being gooffy, right? I believe on you. When people saw me and my best friend at last year of high school they thought we were either twins or a couple... And we weren´t neither of them. Indeed, we got to know each other on the last year of high school, became besties and worked togerher after finishing college. Although we both moved to the same city when adults, I haven´t seen him only twice or three times in the last 7 our 8 years... But I really believe that if you have a strong friendship with anoter person you may become very similar to him/her... and the black and white photos taken on the same angle reinforce this impression.

Anyway, back to the blog train, I´m realy impressed with the portions that are already posted. I have a plan for this one, but I´m not sure if it will work. However, I hope so!

Oh gee, and I thought I got right on it this month! smiley This is my 5th BT, and I think my favorite one to date! Here's an updated preview...and it still may change...havin' fun with this palette. smiley


...And papers

@Karry: lol we are two different persons, we always have this type of situations, but I believe that each of us are different in our own way even though our work looks similar, I'm sure people can tell us apart smiley Thank you for your comment!

@Lorien: lol I don't think that we can take a photo together, we live in different cities and we haven't seen each other in years, and I know you are just being gooffy smiley & we were not actually best friends at school, just the typical classmates, you know?! & It's funny about the picture position, I always like to take pictures at an angle, & I really like to make them black & white to match the frame or other elements, don't know about her..lol! Thank you for your comment, glad to know that you are impressed! smiley

OK I hope that you like this...been under the weather but got something done for this. smiley

Here is what I have so far. to be honest I'm actually having problems with the colors. Are we allowed to throw in White or Black or can we only use what is on the palette?


That is so funny Lorien and Karry... I was having the exact same thoughts! I didn't know they even knew each other but I was just going to say with all their chatter and stuff in this thread that I thought they could be those twins from another mother. You know they say we all have one in this big world???

PS Loving the theme & color scheme that won. I'm so excited to keep seeing all the goodies you wonderful ladies come up with! smiley

Nice to read about best friends or people who you connect with! I like what Lórien wrote. People always think one of my best friends and I are sisters although she was born in another country!! I did know about Jiovanna and Samantha. In the beginning I also thought that about Amanda. I couldn't keep those 3 apart. Although Amanda's style is totally different and also really awesome!

I really like what everyone has made so far, maybe it are the colors.. smiley

Excellent part LAdies..;I will try to take time to do something!!!!

@Shawna: lol.. Your comment made me laugh, no we are not twins >_< we have our own mother lol

@Nadia: I really love Amanda's Creations, I like her style, but I think now you can tell us apart! smiley

You guys are saying so many funny things..lol we are not sisters, relatives or twins, we just went to high school together, that's why we know each other!! smiley

@Nadia: those little bunnies are just ADORABLE!

Ladies your kits are awesome and it is amazing how fast you made them. @Jiovanna I love how your colors are working with each other. Beautiful.
I need to get on this project quick.

@Ania: Thank you smiley I really like how bright my portion is!!

@Jiovanna: You,re welcome. I agree with you. They are so fun.

Love the color palette this month! I'm going to try to add something to the train.

I got mine done early! I'm loving the colors for April's blog train. I can hardly wait until April 1st. smiley

Ok so here goes...lol...one of my aspirations for Lent is to jump out of my comfort zone daily, so here is a peek at my first crack at a scrap kit. I welcome any feedback and constructive criticism. How else will I learn? Here is the preview of papers...
and here are the elements...

I had a really hard time editing it down to this point (from over 75 papers and 100 or so elements) so if this is still too big, ya'll please tell me!

Wow, Raye! This is beautiful. Can't wait to get it!

I will be posting in two parts again. I am hoping this continues to cut down on the pirating of my kits.
Part One: http://scrapingarizonagirl.blogspot.com/
Part Two: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arizona-Girl/547421685279002?ref=hl

wow.. i was gone for a few days and its funny to read all these comments...
Glad Jiovanna put things clear, and as she said, we're not the same person, we both have different mothers and we do share similarities,
as she said we haven't seen each other in years even though we have common friends, and about the picture together ummm i don't think it will be soon as we are so busy designing and enjoying our lives, so i guess you all have to wait a little bit for that.. but i'm glad you guys enjoy what we do, because we do it with heart and passion!! smiley

Jiovanna - love those word arts

Samantha - love your recycle sticker and your elements!

Nadia- those bunnies and birdies are too cute!

LOL....I asked Samantha and Jiovanna were they sisters a few months back!!

Julie- I love your tree!!

Lori- those flowers are perfect!

Karry- love that word art!

Mandy- great elements!

Raye- I really like your papers!

Tasanee- love that banner and your elements!

They are all wonderful so far, I had better kick my behind into gear and get started.

I am going to try get join in with this. Some lovely pieces so far.

@Kiana: Thank you smiley, and now you know we are not sisters, right? Lol

@Jiovanna- lol, yes you set me straight when I asked, it's just funny that now everyone else is asking similar questions. I for one think it's pretty awesome that you have the same styles!! I love seeing what you two create!! smiley

@Kiana: Glad to know that you already know that we are two different persons smiley & I'm happy to know that you like my style smiley

great job so far everyone!!! I love this palette and can't wait to see more smiley

Does anyone have any glitters for these colors?


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