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Wasn't totally feeling the grungy kit I was making so I made another thats a bit "cleaner" so to speak. I'm just not good at grunge. haha

Karry- Marisa, has the glitters, just email her!

Karry if you go to the first post Marisa has link to get the glitters.

Here are a few Glitters:


thanks for the glitters. I tried using the tutorial but they just didn't come out looking sparkly. Maybe I did something wrong.

Your Welcome Karry smiley I use Art Rage. Love that program. I also us a Script that I have to make Glitter's

Wow! Such gorgeous kits so far! I have to say, I wasn't totally in love with the color palette at first; but after seeing what's been done I am really loving it! Guess I need to find time to get my part done. I'm not as busy as I was afraid I'd be so I have time to play around a little.

@Kiana, thanks! I was playing with "puppet warp" in PS for my tree. Never did that before. I try to do/learn some new technique for each BT. And @Linda, read your first post. Just FYI, dusting and vacuuming: WAY overrated. Just sayin'... smiley This color scheme was not my favorite, but I must say that the more I see, I am liking what is developing for this BT. Thank you all for the inspiration!

I've put this together, links will be live on my Blog April 1st!

@Karry Love it! Can't wait to download this kit... Papers look gorgeous! I found with the glitters that mine weren't sparkly either, but once I changed things to overlays and multiplies (played around a little) it all came together, adding the sparkle brush that Brooke made - you can download on this site is also a really good way of adding extra bling. I also found after making an 8x8 I cut it right down to get the sparkle and glitter effect.

@ Anita, your contribution is wonderful, you did a great job smiley

here's my preview

Got my preview ready! This was a fun one to work on.

Well I think I am on schedule this month for April. Here is my preview for Earth Day. At first I didn't think I could get into this but I couldn't quit once I got started.

Will post links on April 1st.

Really nice kits everyone! smiley

Hi ladies, here is my part smiley

This was a fun theme to work on. I just kept picturing the Lorax lol! Here's what I ended up with. smiley

For the blog

And a set of cardboard papers for Facebook

Beautiful kits ladies!!
I am almost finished with mine and will upload asap for all to see.

Very cute Amanda!!!!

Thanks Kiana! smiley

Thanks Kiana.. glad to know you like what we do... we both are lucky to be very creative!!
I love your work as well, your very creative and now you know we're not sisters lol

Thanks Samantha...I'm glad you like my work too!!

Thanks! I really enjoyed this one

I am nearly done, just have some more elements to do. But here is a preview of my papers.

Earth Day Paper Preview by Designs by Mozz, on Flickr

Maree...I love your papers. The Owls are so cute!

@ Karry. Thank you, its fun making your own patterns smiley

Oh Maree: I especially love your pattern papers, you did a fantastic job, can't wait to see your embellies! smiley

@Amanda: Gorgeous and Fun kit... also especially love your colored cardboard type papers... and you embellies! smiley

I got carried away with the papers, but here is my mini kit: Download Here


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