April 2014 Blog Train: Working

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Very nice Kelly!

Nice template Kelly! And welcome to the blog train. smiley

This will be my first time participating too, I hope I don't miss the final thread.

There are so many awesome contributions so far!

That is the link to the original preview smiley

Thank you Amanda and Patricia! I am excited to try something new.

Hi Ziska. Welcome! smiley

The final list thread has been opened. You can find it here: http://www.pixelscrapper.com/forums/digital-scrapbooking/pixel-scrapper-blog-trains/april-2014-blog-train-final-list.

I made up a few things more which I will be sharing on my facebook page, peek at them.

Consists of 3 torn papers
2 buttons
I border cluster.

1 stacked paper

*waves* Hi Kelly smiley

Love your cluster Maree!

@ Amanda Aww Thank you smiley

Hi Mozz! It has been a long time!

I'm going to lock this thread. Please list your part here and leave any comments here.


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