April 2016 Blog Train - Comments

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April 2016 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until April 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

Ohh Marisa your part looks so lovely! I love those papers & the print kit looks awesome! I really can't wait till April 1st now! smiley

Thank you Kayl for the early download! Love it all! smiley

Glad you love it! smiley

Ladies, you've all outdone yourselves again! Those of you have posted so far (#15) have done a beautiful job, and have created some truly gorgeous artworks. I now have my new computer, and am busy sorting out my files -- hopefully I'll be able to get back to designing soon!

@Robyn ~ Looking forward to your designing again!

Thank you Arlene & Sally for the early releases smiley

I have spotted some awesome designs around here,some very creative ladies are participating.
I finely got a chance to make something for this Blog Train.

Wow, nice job everyone!!! As always, Kayl, Sheila and Marisa, I'm just in love with yours especially!

Marisa dziękuję za darmowe skrabki a dziś są moje imieniny--pozdrawiam Cię cieplutko smiley

So many beautiful contributions for this lovely color scheme. Thank you one and all.

Thank you for the lovely kits

Thank you to all the generous designers!!! smiley smiley
Just one question, when a designer "reserves her spot" means that somewhat later she will post her part?
I want to know if I need to stalk the PS forum to look for the part... smiley

You assumed right, Sophie! A designer who reserves a spot is just a bit behind schedule. They will post their portion to the Final List at the earliest chance they get smiley

Thanks to all, very beautiful work! I really like them all, can't decide which I like best! There was a mix-up in the 4-shared links on my elements & alphas, links now fixed, sorry about that!

thank you everybody for the lovely kits

I keep meaning to come here and look at these trains...Gotta say WOW! Great job everyone.

Thank you everybody, for all your hard work and sincere efforts that went into sharing your talents and incredible generosity! Each and every one of the kits are simply amazing!

For those who were unable to download my part from my media fire acct,i have added a link to my box acct......Hopelly this one will work for you.

Muchas Muchas GRACIAS.... all the work was SUPERB

I have to list all: Marisa . Kayl . Erin C .Pauline . Dawn P . Phyllis S . Jessica D . Diane H . Liza G . Mersijat . Sheila R . Sally . Arlene J . Josie . Jennifer M . Julie C . Brandi W . Joyce C . Rene B .Cintia D . Andrea K . Robin A . Andene D . Debbie S . Tina C . Jeanet A .Julie J .Tamara F . Holly W . Valeria P . AND Sherry L .

@Poodle ~ So sweet Poodle!

@Valeria Parsons ~ Thanks so much for the updated link! I was hoping to download your part but I personally refuse to login with my fb or google account to gain access to any 4shared downloads. But the dropbox link works great! Thanks so much! smiley

Oh ladies, Thank you so much for such beautiful kits. For some reason, the palette just spoke grace to you all. L O V E them all! xoxox Beth

So many wonderful contributions! smiley Everything is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much. smiley

Thank you--these are beautiful.

Thank you so much for another fabulous Blog Train smiley

Thank you, love the colours !

Wonderful material smiley smiley Thank you so much for another fabulous Blog Train!

Thank you Poodle! And thanks to everyone for the contributions. I loved this color palette! And the one for May coming up is pretty nice too!

Great job! I'm loving all the florals this month!

hi thank u ladies great blogtrain great kits as always. smiley

Thank you all so much for the gorgeous kits, especially the ones that will work for hybrid/paper scrapping (which is quite a few of them!).

I try to post on everyone's blogs to say thank you but for some reason I can't post on most people's sites, with those at blogspot being absolutely impossible for me to post on. I have no idea why this happens (& haven't been able to find a reason for it) but I do apologize for my downloading without saying a direct thank you to each designer.