April 2016 Blog Train - Final List

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My portion is up on my blog now:

There are also a couple of other freebies to be found in recent posts, so don't just grab the two pictured here or you might miss out on more CU templates!

Hello ladies!! Here is a new link for all of those who told me there were problems downloading with 4share.
New link: DOWNLOAD

Sorry for being late..Here is my part available at my blog here-- http://creativemindgallery.blogspot.in/

Ack, I'm a bit late this month. At any rate, you can find my portion of the train either HERE for subscribers of the site or HERE on my Facebook design page. If you don't have access to either of those, feel free to shoot an email my way and I can send a direct download link your way. smiley

On a side note, a huge thank you goes out to Sheila Reid for her freebie on this train. It was her kit that I used to embellish my quick page...simply stunning work Sheila!

Here's my contribution for this month found on my blog:


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