April 2017 Blog Train - Working

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April 2017 Blog Train - Working

The April blog train is Raindrops & Rainbows, with a special emphasis on watercolor and fantasy.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here (make sure you are following the board, or else I can't add you).

Oh, cool! This is going to be a good one, too! smiley

I just love this palette smiley

I'm going to LOVE this one!

Eek, I'm far too excited! The palette and theme are right up my alley. My girls are going to have a blast helping me out with this one as well.

I love both the colors and the theme!

I suspect I might be doing quite a bit for this one in ArtRage, so here's the ArtRage COL file.

I love this palette - it's so pretty! Haven't started anything yet, though, as I'm doing a lot for March!

I'm going to be making other journal cards with little images in a corner or maybe just a decoration of some kind across one side so it's open/blank for journaling as well smiley

Oh, Kayl those are GORGEOUS!! I'm drooling. smiley

Those are beautiful Kayl!

Oh Kayl, those cards make my heart sing.

Kayl--Gorgeous work! smiley I totally want to just use one as the front of a little Mother's Day notecard... Simple and pretty, modern with a nod to tradition, and perfectly gorgeous!

Lovely cards, Kayl! smiley

Thanks for all the love! Glad they are a hit smiley

This is my first time trying fancy (compared to my usual, at least) journal cards. Hope these are just as fun for people!

Fabulous work Kayl !! I love both of your sets of journal cards !!

I love them all, Kayl.

Kayl, those are lovely too! smiley This is going to be a gorgeous train, even if I'm not a rainbows and unicorns girl!

I have some papers and some elements done for this one

I love the color palette this month. So much fun to work with.

Everything is so pretty and colourful.

Kayl, I'm in love with your adorable little rainbows. And Diane, I want to take your little ducky out for a walk in the rain smiley

The colors are fantastic! And, Ladies, your kits are marvelous!

SO excited!!! It's it so beautiful already!! You ladies rock!!!

I really want to do something for this one, because the palette is so gorgeous!

very nice!

Question ... I had planned for may to do an Alice in Wonderland themed kit for INSD but these colors are PERFECT for it so would that fit within the fantasy theme of this one? If so I think I'm gonna move it to April and create a mini to go with the bigger coordinating collection. smiley the templates I'm using aren't watercolor though, they're doodles. smiley

I love these colors and theme... going to try to join in for this month!

Alice in Wonderland is certainly a fantasy theme...but there's nothing that says you can't use the same palette to create an Alice kit for sale that expands on a freebie blog train part from last month, either. smiley As far as your templates being doodles instead of watercolor, this is a fairly open train; just make something in the palette that's at least related to the theme and people will be happy.

Patacake, I LOVE your papers! smiley


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