April 2018 Blog Train - Working

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April 2018 Blog Train - Working

The April blog train is A Mug & A Book.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here (make sure you are following the board, or else I can't add you).

Please make sure this logo is visible on your preview:
Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Logo

I had a lot of fun with the colors.This is what I have so far.

Bina, I love it!
Sunny, thanks for the ACO!

My part:

smiley Oh Sonia, TY so much.

TY Sunny!

smiley I'm in love with your book shelves!

TY Bina! And I can't wait to download yours! smiley

My contribution is CU friendly and will be available on my blog.

Cintia, you've got a typo in the dragons quote--"beaten" has one "t" in it. Kudos on choosing quotes from one of my favorite authors--he's a fantastically friendly guy, too!

Things look fantastic so far, ladies! Looking forward to this train!

my part ...on my blog 1 april smiley

beautiful parts girls! smiley

My part:

Bina-fabulous paper and elements with the colorful cups
Cintia and Gina--great bookshelves (sorry I did not look at yours before making mine)but all are different
Bourica-great assortment of elements
Sonia--love your color choices and the paper with words. Cute owl also.

Here's what I have done. I may change some things but I am OK with what it looks like now.

My part :


Will be available for download on March 1st.

i totally love this! great job!

I wasn't in the mood for flowers this month ...

So here are my parts:

What a fun theme this month!

I absolutely can't wait for April. SO MANY BOOKISH THINGS!

Here's my part:

Absolutely love all the contributions...can't wait for April...
@ Sonia...simply lovely,
@ Sunny....your contributions for the BTs are always one of my favourites as your items have the touch of romance about them,
@ Brenda ... welcome & a lovely & unique kit...I especially love your bookmark, as I am an avid creator of bookmarks!...& oh, yes...the cat...oh the cat!!! smiley
I am over the moon with this month's theme as I can really have some great kits to showcase my book collection!
Thank you ladies!

I especially love your bookmark, as I am an avid creator of bookmarks!...& oh, yes...the cat...oh the cat!!!

A fellow bookmark maker !

I actually have a whole bunch of those exact bookmarks in my supply stash (that's what made me think of adding it to this kit), in both antique silver and antique copper. I like adding various different gemstones and charms to dangle off of them, they're my favourite style of bookmark. They make great little stocking stuffers at christmas time.

And the kitty..? Well for me, nothing says relaxation and "me time" like curling up with a good book, a hot cup of earl grey tea, and a pussycat snuggled at your feet purring like a little motorboat.


This is what I came up with:

My part:

" smiley SQUEALS smiley " I'm more hyper than a jumping bean for April 1st to get here so I can get my hands on these sweet kits! I love them ALL! Can't wait!

wow!!! wow!!! all parts are very beautiful, love it !! smiley smiley smiley

As a voracious reader (& lover of tea & coffee), I am SO EXCITED about this train!! I've even cleaned out & organized my reading theme scrapping folder & my book journal files so there will be room for these kits (& I'll be able to orgainze them as soon as I download them.

Thank you for all the gorgeous kits, everyone, I can't wait to download them all!!


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