April 2020 Blog Train - Working

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April 2020 Blog Train - Working

The April 2020 blog train is Around the World

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

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Thank you for the swatch, Amanda. smiley

I want to mention that the swatch itself generated a gamut warning with my CC 2020, anyone else with these CC symptoms? smiley

I do know that this palette was adjusted by Marisa, so some of the additional colors may have done it. I also wouldn't be surprised if your printer's color profile might affect what Photoshop shows for gamut warnings.

I've gotten gamut warnings on previous palettes, and I either just ignore them, adjust the palette itself before working, or do the basic gamut fixes on the files themselves. I had two colors on the Holiday Magic palette (ACO file but not the palette image itself, oddly enough) produce warnings when I did the gamut check. The changes usually aren't too noticeable, just maybe a bit more muted.

I just gamut-checked the palette in CS2, and the only gamut warning is at the edges of the ff8f61 (the orangey color third from the right), basically where dithering happens, so the color seems to be just barely in-gamut for me. Out of curiosity, what's giving warnings for you? (Because I really am curious if your version of Photoshop is gamut-checking with a different color profile.)

Amanda: thank you! There are a few printers installed with my CC 2020 but I think the Canon Selphy was active. I got the warning for CMYK profile and the pinks and oranges triggered the alarm. It was the swatch image not the swatch. Like you, I thought I decrease saturation and lightness by 10% and voilà: the warning disappeared. Sorry for mixing up .... it must have been the glasses, and those I wasn't wearing smiley

Don't sweat it. smiley So it does look like the printer's color profile, if active, can affect how gamut checks go. Interesting. I usually have one of the default CMYK profiles active rather than the one for my printer, but I'm not sure how it compares to other people's copies of Photoshop (considering mine is much older).

April is my birthday month so I am sure I can come up with something that relates to everyone around the world.♥

Bina, I'm loving your preview. It looks like we interpreted the theme similarly but as usual my style leans toward juvenile/whimsical.

Thank you so much Gina! smiley I always love your creations.

Here's a preview of my portion for the blog train (all 50 states are represented). I will also have something new for PS that coordinates. smiley

Gina - Love it! Especially since I live in a state that never gets represented in these things. smiley

Becky, is your state one of the nondescript rectangles? smiley

Gina, those look cute! One question: is Long Island missing from NY for a reason?

YAY!! I'm glad. What state are you from?

I am from Alabama. If Alabama is represented, it's usually a misrepresentation. smiley

I used these shapes to build the labels. I am not a geography expert and I am not familiar with every state. No omission is intended.

Ah. That would explain it.

New York should look like this:

(It's my home state.)

Gina - I'm from Delaware, so it's very rare to see much of anything for us!

@Amanda - I hear you. I noticed NY was missing the island(s) &, as a resident of Massachusetts (but at the other end of the state), we're often depicted for some odd reason without Cape Cod. There's a dingbat font that is missing the same parts of both states so I wonder if that was a possible origin of the wrong shapes. I thought the font was State Face but if it was, they updated it as both our "hooks" are there in the new version!

OK trying to get into this one. How about Palm Trees and Ships and so on. I have several Templates and I might just make a New one?? What ya think? smiley

Sounds like a good plan to me, Lori. smiley

These colors for me are more related to beach or sea rather than a general "World Travel" kit, so I am really stuck!

Think I am gonna make Templates??? smiley This only took me 15 minutes to make...lol smiley

Thank Amanda. Gonna get on the ball and make a couple of templates. smiley

OK...Here is what I have...Hope that you all like it. Might get more done By time Blog Train comes along. smiley

Lori those are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Lori do you use Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop? Just curious I use Paint Shop but I am really leaning toward getting Photoshop.

I do not have a clue on what to do with this. smiley Had alot going on lately so I haven't had much time to really think about it.

Nae Wright - I use Corel Paint shop pro x9 plus I use a small simple little program that I started in many years ago that is so easy to use and I make alot of templates in and you can add plug in in. and that is Photo Impact x3. Love that. I also have PS but have learned that on yest. I keep going back to my simple programs. Make all my Templates in the Photo Impact x3.

Thank you Nae Wright. smiley

Lori I have always use Paint Shop Pro for over 15 years. But I found some styles in here and you can't use those in psp. I have never heard of Impact.... now you have me curious about that....lol haven't been much into creating anything lately, just been tinkering around to keep my mind busy, my focus is in the crapper right now.😂
Thank you. smiley

Nae, I use plug ins in my PSP-Pro are like the styles. I make Puzzles from Images, Curly Ribbons. I can write Scripts in PSP...Scripts are ran in different versions of PSP Programs. But leaning more and more back to the Templates. Use Overlays and and make my own textures. I never learned how to use the other program yet. one day I might to see what I like more. Just getting the time to do it all...lol


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