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I know about scripts. I ended up getting Photoshop elements and I really like it. It is a difference in some things though so I guess I will use both now.😂

All programs as we learn them and use them for a while we always find a way to create even something else new. LOL smiley

I know that's what I love.... smiley

A better look at the papers

My part:

Love all the parts so far!

Sonia, I'm really digging your cards. Nice job. smiley

Here is my preview

Looking great everyone! smiley

Still not a clue to do with this one. I'm probably gonna just make some papers and make it short and sweet.

Libel so cute! smiley

Thank you Amanda!

Everything is looking great here, April will see a fantastic blog train. smiley

Sonia: I love your cards, so great.
Lori: What an absolutely amazing contribution, love it.

It looks fab so far. I love the cards Sonia - very versatile.

I’m thinking of a general holiday idea - possibly with a home from home vibe. I’ve actually been finding this one a little difficult and have made more progress on next month’s than on this one. 🤦‍♀️

Thanks Bina Greene. Might do more. Gotta see how much time I have to get it done. I work long hours. smiley

This should be fun. smiley

I thought about doing more of a travel type design, but then started thinking more about what is usually in my suitcase when I get home again -- bits and pieces of this and that and whole lot of memories.

This is looking like a fun train ladies!

Here is my take on this theme....


Gorgeous as usual, Jessica. smiley

I actually really enjoyed using these colours.

I'm learning Illustrator. Fun! Nice color pallet.

Love your planes Lori. Amazing it only took 15 minutes for the first one!!

Everyones kits look super.
Jessica, love the balloons.

Hi Robin. Yeah...I'm pretty fast in making templates....lol smiley


Everyone's done a great job so far! smiley I'm seeing so many bits that I love the look of. Can't wait to see the finished train on this one.

Robin, I did a passport stamp paper too! Jessica, I love the balloons too, and Tammy, I really like that sketchy map paper you've got on the far right. It hits all the right notes for me.

Edit: Found enough free time today to finish putting my kit together. I think I'm satisfied with this one.

Amanda, I love the stamps and buttons. Very nice!

Thank you Amanda. I just love everyone's kit. You all did a great job. Amanda I also like the stamps, they are great.

Great work Everyone! smiley

Lovely! Can’t wait to see everyone’s creations...I’ve just started designing on photoshop and would love to contribute here...how do I participate?

Aparna, you make a contribution of whatever size you want (though the majority tend to do a mini kit it seems) generally following the themes and palette Marisa posted in the first post on each "Working" thread. You're free to interpret the theme how you want, and are even welcome to play with the colors if you want (though I at least like sticking to the palette so my part will coordinate with the others). You can post a preview here if you want, and it doesn't even have to be finalized.

Then, when the actual train thread goes live about half a week before the month's start, you post your preview image there and where people can go to find it. There are also guidelines in the sticky threads for what to include in your preview, file names, etc.

Amanda thanks for replying. This may sound really dumb but how do I post my preview with the link on this thread?

You'll need to find a site where you can host the preview image you put together, and then link it here. I use Imgur, but I know others host it elsewhere.


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