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Thank you for the link! I appreciate it!

I did put together an offering for this blog train, but I must admit that it was a challenge for me to work with these colors for some reason. I changed my mind on my "theme" at least five times, and finally just put together some things that felt like they might work together..... That's the great thing about these designing opportunities, they challenge me to work outside of my comfort zone and that is frustrating, inspiring and satisfying all at the same time! These will be available on my Rush Ranch blog August 1st.

All your previews looks so pretty Ladies smiley

Late to the party! These will be up on my site August 1st.

hi here is my previews

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Fantastic, Erin!

I really wanted to do a musical theme for this, but it didn't work, so here's what I finally came up with:

Great designs, Jan! Love all of your different flowers!

available on my board >> August 1st

I know I only have a couple of days left, but I'm trying to get something together for this!

Everyone has done a marvelous job with this train! The colors are really fun!

Phew I really wasn't sure I was going to make this one lol! The colors were great but the theme was a dead stopper for me. I persevered and finally a little inspiration hit so I was able to get this mini done and in time too. I even did something different and threw in a simple stacked paper.

I finished my kit (still have to rename the files, do the credits, and upload). 8 papers, 6 flowers and 6 word art stickers


I just finished mine and I'm really excited ! It was my first time doing this and I only had a dozen days! I did my best and I'm proud of myself smiley
It will be on my blog on August 1st !
BTW My blog is in French, but my post on Aug 1st will be in English, of course.

Click on the image to go to my blog smiley

Here's an example of a scrapbooking page using my designs (it was actually my first time trying digital scrapbooking, ahah!)

I love it, but I just saw you wrote "Good vives". I thought I'd like to know if it was me!! Your designs really seem to be Hepburn inspired and I love it smiley

Great job Robyn! Love your papers!

Wonderful job Audrée! I esp love the sunflower! And welcome to the blog train!

@Audree, I am so happy to see your designs! Welcome to your first blog train - and may there be many, many more in your future. Great job!

The final thread has been posted, please post your previews and links!


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