Aug 2018 Blog Train - Comments

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Aug 2018 Blog Train - Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until August 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

thanks much for this blog train ))
thanks to all designers !!!!!!! smiley smiley

Wow just love all the great designs and layouts I am seeing on the blog train. Thank You for all you do.

Such a wonderful blog train, thank you so much! smiley smiley

Thank you, everyone, for the design, time, energy, and willingness to share your kits! You are beautiful, and so are they!

I'm loving all the beautiful papers with their fun patterns/effects and colour combinations you gals have all come up with.

So much talent and creativity !

Really love this month's train! Love the colors and all the fun stuff! Thank you so much for all your effort and generosity! Arlene, I went to Flickr to get yours and it said it was creating a zip file, and then never did anything else, well, at least as long as it has taken me to download the rest of the blog train and make this comment. I don't use 4-shared, so I'm hoping you can give a hint as to what is going on! I really love your papers! Thank you!

Thanks for all the lovely gifts. I am always amazed at how very different the individual kits are, while at the same time they seem to complement each other. Your gifts of your time and talents, as well as your "pretties" are much appreciated!

I went to Flickr to download the zip, and it worked for me, sent me a download link. I know Flickr is merging with another company, so maybe they're changing how the downloads work? Here is the link I got for a zip download, maybe that will work for you.
I also found this Flickr download help page:

Thank you so much for this beautiful blogtrain! smiley

Arlene, I managed to download from Flikr, but the frames are missing!
I got them from 4-shared, but for people who do not want to use 4-shared you might want to look at this...

Thanks Patricia, I had neglected to add the frames to the album, fixed now.

Thanks, Arlene! The link worked perfectly with no waiting at all. Maybe I just hit it at an off moment, or maybe it's because I have a Mac, I don't know. What matters is that I have it now, thank you!

FUN blog train.. thanks so much to all the designers

Thank you, everyone!!!

Thank you to all the wonderfully talented designers who always so generously share with is greatly appreciated.

Thank you sooooo much...this link worked. Doing it the other way froze my PC....your a PC

Thank you again...I just checked out the help link as well...definitely beneficial seeing as how I get confused by all the different sites with different instructions for doing the same thing. Hope you have a great day, I know mine is a lot better just for these two links and everyone's gifts on this blog train.

Thank you all for the wonderful kits in this adorable blog train!

Hello Friends!!! I really love all of the kits!!! If any of you hopped over to my blog to get my kit after Aug 1st it defaulted to the snapshots for the posts in the digi dezines section. Sorry. I'm sure that was confusing as I have other ps blogtrains showing there. I fixed the link above my kit preview in the final list here and include a link here too. Otherwise, If you click on Aug 1st on the calendar to the right it will take you right there. Thank you. xoxox Beth Dezines2Amaze's blog

Thanks to all the designers! I love the kits this month.

Really great collaboration ladies! Thanks so much

Thank you to all the designers for another wonderful collab! You are all so talented! Thanks so much.M

Thank you all for the wonderful Kids BT.
You ladies are all so talented and generous smiley