Aug 2018 Blog Train - Working

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Aug 2018 Blog Train - Working

The August blog train is Kids Ahead.

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here (make sure you are following the board, or else I can't add you).

Please make sure this logo is visible on your preview:
Pixel Scrapper Blog Train Logo

Okay, so I decided to blind everyone with colour in August. Look at all the pink!

Might need your sunglasses when this goes live.

I've looked at your preview Trish and my retinas are still in tact, so no sunglasses necessary. LOL

The only thing it screams to me is "lots of fun!"

Tons of awesome goodies in there !


I've gotten this done so far

This color palette is really fun, and I love what everyone has done so far! I better get started!

Arlene, thanks for noting the font you used. It is always nice to know in case we want to coordinate text with the kit components. Of course, I know it was included so the blank strip would match, but still...!

Trying to stay ahead of the game!

Such a lovely set of designs! August is already gearing up! smiley

I'm ready to go for August... I decided to stick with the three primary colours plus green as an accent:

Brenda, that is awesome! Especially the doodle papers smiley

I love these colors smiley

So I am excited to try participating in my first ever blog train along with my first EVER self created stuff. I have gotten almost everything together and have almost finished making the preview (I still need to figure out zipping the files, writing/copying a TOU, hosting etc. etc. etc.).

But is it okay to ask a question here and then I can just update with my preview when I figure out how to do it (if there is a better place to ask this question I will be happy to have someone point me in the right direction - still very new around here!). How do I get my image for the preview not "clickable" like the ones above? When I finish my preview, how do I upload it the way everyone else did? If I host the image somewhere, that will make it clickable, right? So did everyone that's posted a preview in this thread do it somehow differently than I've posted images when I've done a challenge? Or is there a way to disable the click-ability? Why can I not click on Brani's, Brenda's, Laurel's, Rachel's, Trish's or Adriene's? (which btw are all fantastic looking!)

Yay so happy you are participating in the blog train! Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Yes you will need to add your image somewhere else unlike when you post for a challenge because in that case you have uploaded your image to the pixelscrapper gallery and linked from that image. [By challenge you mean the Layout Challenges right not the Designer Challengers?] It looks like you have a blog so you could just upload your image the way you normally would for a post on there and then grab the link for the image. It would not be clickable since you add the image using the image button on the menu above posts in pixelscrapper. It will simply display your image.

Some people use flickr, imgur, blogs & others use their websites too host images. Most are not clickable to begin with unless you use the URL button next to the image button. Flickr might work a little different tho not sure. I host mine from my website so it not clickable unless I make it clickable. The reason those you listed above are not clickable is simply because they have not added an html link/URL for the image.

Hope that makes sense & hope I understood your question correctly! And again look forward to seeing what you come up with! smiley

Thank you so much Jessica! Yes, I'm talking about the times I've participated in a layout challenged. This is my first time trying design so I've never tried any of the designer challenges - yet! I'm hoping that once my youngest goes to kinder this fall I will have time (between substitute teaching, teaching Sunday school & volunteer work) to learn more about the design side of things!


Wow these are some wonderful looking contributions ladies! Its really shaping it to be a huge and wonderful train for August!!

Ok...testing testing! I hope this comes out with my preview! I am interested in any and all CC since this is my first time ever. I know my colors aren't as kid friendly as everyone else's but...I did stick with the color palette for what it's worth. And my hearts are a little too small, but those things were hard to make! So I figured it was small or nothing. Also, since I didn't know how to adjust the preview kit, I figured I'd just make the same amount of papers as the preview kit came with! smiley Something to figure out another day.

I do have a question about commercial vs. personal use and why one would choose one over the other? I put both because I figured more people could use it that way what are the reasons I would want only personal? Sooooo many other questions but I guess I will learn as I go along.

Looks lovely Jill! I love the tea party take on this! I dont think the hearts are too small! They are really cute! And the only reason you would have to make something personal use is if the commercial use items you used did not allow them to be reused for commercial use. Many CU items outside of Pixel Scrapper CU items cannot be reused for commercial use. So it largely depends on your sources for graphics and such as to whether you can make it personal or commercial. Just have to read the terms of use for each CU item.

Thank you Jessica! I think I'm okay because the only thing I downloaded was one of the paper textures ad the letter blocks. Everything else I either made or photographed.

Will be available on my blog August 1st:

SO cute Sunny! I like the "Danger Kids Ahead" sign -- great idea!

Here is my part of the blogtrain. It is scheduled to be posted on my blog ( August 1st.

Hope you like it.

Adorable mini Karen! Looking forward to August! smiley

i love this! the font is awesome. very creative kit!

i love this felt sun!

I have a set of solids made. I'm hoping to get more done.

I got my contribution done earlier than I usually do so I will go ahead and show here. It was fun.

Just lurkin.... WOW..... cannot wait til August. I do not think I can contribute, still struggling with that wrist a bit.... but sure looking forward to all the goodies! Fantastic work. smiley

I'm seeing some lovely contributions here, ladies! Well done!
Trish, I love the use of pink here; it's a much less common main color in a kids-themed kit. An unexpected palette on a theme that everyone's seen done at least half a dozen times is one of those things that can lead to more sales if you were designing for a store.
Rachel, I love your papers and, like someone else mentioned, that felt sun is fantastic! The newsprint cutouts are a nice touch too.
Arlene, good variety on those word strips; I think you've covered at least a chunk of the comments to be made about the photos that will be scrapped with this.
Laurel, I love that kite paper, the merry-go-round, and the figurine. smiley
Brenda, I love the doodles and the shoelace bows; Legos and alphabet blocks are great choices too!
Brandi, I especially love the playground equipment and your pattern papers.
Tammy, I love the brads and the old-fashioned top, but that castle doodle paper is FANTASTIC!
Jill, welcome to the crew! I love the silver charms and the hearts; also, though those hearts are small, they're not TOO small. I like the papers you chose to make. (To adjust the preview, just turn off some of the clipping layers by clicking the eye next to them in the Layers palette; if you make 4 or 6 papers, you don't even have to move anything around. If you make 8 papers and three are solids, you don't have to move things either, just put the solids on the ones that show less of the paper. Other quantities than that mean taking the number you have and dividing it into 3600 to figure out the pixel spacing for each of the paper strips.)
Sunny, I love the denim, the journal cards, and the frames.
Karen, I love that banner, the plaids, and the girls! Great job!
Jody, I'm loving those solids. I hope you can get some elements made too, but I know how life can get at the most unexpected times! Either way, the solids will be a great addition to the train!
Donna, I love that button flower, and the gingham one. The paper doll chain and the skateboard are great, and the emoji brads... The papers are a nice mix with the blues and then the other gridded ones for pops of color. Beautifully done!

I'm hoping to be able to contribute at least something, but life is beyond stressful right now and most of my design time is going to a personal project for my mother to help her cope with and fight the cancer she was diagnosed with on the 3rd. I'm also dealing with lots of unwanted drama caused by roommates and their guests, and all that stress has been triggering lupus and fibromyalgia flareups. smiley Still, I've got two weeks to design something for this train, so I'm hoping to get something done!


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