Aug 2019 Blog Train - Working

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Aug 2019 Blog Train - Working

The August 2019 blog train is Bohemian Rhapsody!

Please read the new guidelines before finishing your contribution.

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here (make sure you are following the board, or else I can't add you).

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Thank you, Kayl! smiley

Very pretty Bina! Love the Lemons!

smiley TY so much, Jessica.

OK this might be my favorite blog train and palette to date... AND I'm off for summer! smiley

It's been a gloomy, rainy day...perfect for scrapping!

Wow, Diane! Your kit is so pretty! This theme and palette really suits your graphic style!

very nice Bina!

Thanks, Robyn. Truth be told, I don't think I've found my scrapping style yet. I just keep playing with things each month until it feels pretty good. Scrapping color palettes just always seem so limited to me, sometimes even disjointed, if you know what I mean. This palette reminded me of September in the 60's smiley Painting, on the other hand, is a no-brainer. Oils, acrylics, even watercolor. Give me an hour and there's something presentable on a canvas or board.

@DianeHiller, Wonderful!

Here is what I did:

SO bohemian! I love it!!!

My first blog train here.

Robin, this is GORGEOUS!

Thank you so much Lisel. smiley

Thanks Rachel!

Disclaimer: Please put on your sunglasses before scrolling down on the page to see my contribution for this blog train...



Looking great ladies!! I'm already looking forward to this bright and cheery train! smiley

Here will be mine

Loving all these! smiley
Here is mine.

I really enjoyed making the dreamcatcher, but couldn't seem to design decent feathers! I used some extracted vintage feathers, instead.

Sunny, the dream catcher is beautiful. You did a fantastic job!

Well done, ladies! All of the kits so far are outstanding! I do believe this is my favorite train this year!

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