August 2014 Blog Train: Ideas

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August 2014 Blog Train: Ideas

It's always shocking to me when it's time to post the thread for ideas for the next blog train. Can you believe we're looking at August? Anyway, leave your ideas for color palettes and themes below. I'll post a poll in a few days to choose one.

Download swatch here:

OMG August already?! smiley

can you tell I'm in the mood for bright colors? smiley hehehe I think the last two lend themselves to nautical kind of themes, potentially. I was just thinking 'late summer' in my head while browsing my pinned color schemes smiley

@Meg: I love all of your color palettes. I love the bright colors too! smiley

Love the bright colors! I think a birthday theme would be fun smiley

Carnival sounds fun, or summer garden, picnic, at the beach, nautical, backyard fun, back to school, "my creative space", at the movies, family vacation...or "growing up".

I don't know if it's okay for me to make a suggestion since I am so new, but I'm going to give it a go anyway. Looking over the suggestions above, I'm not sure I have even done this right.


Meg super cute colors! Love them all smiley

@ Dawn: everyone can enter a palette! @ Meg: I also love all the bright palettes, so I am not going to add more. Anyway it will be a hard choice voting just one smiley Although I would add a coral bright red color to your last #nr6 palette and maybe a little white, like this:

Love the carnival idea. We always have a midway here in August for the long weekend. Putting me in the mood for cotton candy already!

@Nathalie: I know it, right? smiley I was drooling over elephant ears the other day lol. I almost tried to make homemade versions. Cotton candy would do the trick too!

Carnivals and fairs .... perfect for August, as well as the summer outdoor markets with all their fresh, brightly coloured vegetables

I like the idea of a carnival or state fair. July and August are generally when those happen so I think that theme is perfect.

I Love the Idea of the Carnival or State Fair to!

I'm new to the site and I don't create (just snatch up all your amazing stuff)... but I would love to see a "Fairytale" theme, "Ballerina" theme or maybe "A Midsummer Night" theme smiley

Btw: love the color palettes #3 and #5

(okay, there is no stopping me now I have startet smiley )

I would also love a theme with "dandelions"... They remind me of little suns and they are quite beautiful with the seed dispersal too...

Ooh, I love the Carnival or Fairy Tale themes! Also the Island Getaway!

I'm relatively new here too but my vote would be for a "camping" theme! Not sure if you've done that before, but feel like I can never find enough camping or outdoor related elements. I'm thinking bright, late summer colors...

Now that I've learned how to pull color codes from photos, I decided to throw a few more options into the mix. Someone above mentioned a birthday theme, so I named this one Birthday (this is a pic of my Rosebud tree this spring)

This is a pic I took in Cozumel, Mexico. I just named it Down Mexico Way, but I think it would work for a birthday theme, even a fairy tale theme as mentioned above

Purple is my favorite color, so I had to do this palette, again several themes would work with these colors; Butterfly Garden, Fairy Tale, Birthday

And last (I promise) this is one of my day lilies this morning. I think several themes already mentioned would work; Summer Picnic, Camping, Back to School (thanks for indulging my new obsession)

@ Kelly: Marisa designed a very nice camping bundle! But it would make a nice theme for the train.

I like the idea of a carnival theme, using the 2nd palette Meg submitted with a couple more colors added.

@Rebekah: I like her color palette too! It has brighter colors smiley


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