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Okay, I've uploaded the palettes again to Imgur and pasted the links for the large thumbnail under the "post to forums". Please let me know if they are visible now.

@Dawn: Your beautiful palettes are visible and I absolutely love the Down Mexico Way palette! I think it would work great for any theme smiley.

I also love the theme ideas "Festival" and "Summer Party" (or "Garden Party").
I was thinking about these colors for those themes:

I really love the carnival theme and the color palette.

These are the color palettes i have choosing,tho i don't know of any themes for each at this moment.May come back later and edit with a theme name.

I Scream,We Scream for Summer Icecream

A Moment In Time

Class In Session

Tropical Summer

Love these colors!

It sounds like many of us are thinking along the lines of carnival or party (birthday, festival, garden party), I think my top choice would be a party theme, whether a specific party or just a "let's party" and everyone pick what kind of party. I'm really loving the bright, vibrant palettes, but gosh which one…LOL…I really love so many of them; Sharon and Mersija have added some gorgeous ones!

Thanks for the comment about my palettes,i had a Happy Birthday one,however,it wouldn't download to my photo hosting site,i tried a few times and so i gave up on that palette.

Even tho i like the carnival idea,a birthday theme would be awesome and i believe those kits that we would make would be used more then any other,everyone has birthdays and therefor our contributions will come in handy.
I am ok with whatever everyone decides,i'm easy going like that.

Maybe this one:

with theme, I don't know, In the garden? Or What to wear?

Amara....even if your swatch doesn't get chosen I think I'm going to snag it anyway just because I LOVE the colors. Especially that aqua blue.

@Karry: Thanks smiley - I am going to do a kit with the colors too! I don't know why, but I am in a bright color mood lately smiley

I love the carnvial idea for the month of August. I am keeping my fingers crossed if the carnival theme has been picked..


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