August 2014 Blog Train: Working

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August 2014 Blog Train: Working

I'm feeling a little guilty about this blog train. When I saw the poll yesterday and noticed the one I voted for was ahead by one, I thought, "I should close it now!" But then I felt guilty about that so I thought, "I'll wait until tomorrow." But now it's a tie! However, I didn't feel so guilty that I didn't still choose the one I voted for. I hope no one minds too much...

This palette is speaking to me that we need some glitter, so send me an email if you'd like the glitter files (

Feel free to pin inspiration to our Pinterest board. If you'd like to be added to the board, please leave me a comment here.

See here for general details on Pixel Scrapper blog trains.

Lovely Colors! smiley


woohoo!! I made a mini kit with the other palette because I found the colors so strange...but happy that this one won!

so is the Theme also a Garden Party as the palette is named ?

Thanks Marisa, Love the Colors. smiley

***Debra*** yes the Theme is Garden Party same as the palette color chart name. smiley

Thank Lori smiley I shall have some fun starting this one

I will have extra time on july, so I'll be happy to join you for this one smiley

Your Welcome Debra. smiley

Gosh, I just got done with the July train stuff!! LOL! smiley

I am SO happy that Garden Party won! It just looks SO fun! My kinda colours!! ^____^

It's a miracle Marisa,but i have already started on this kit and it's gonna be awesome.
I am naming it Garden Tea Party.........Is that all right?
I also would love the glitters....Please!!

I love those colors and theme so much it might just pop me out of my designing rut! smiley

Love the colors and theme! Woo-hoo!

Great theme and the color pallette is interesting.

mmm now would you believe i am having a creative block with this one

Here is some Idea's Debra...Garden Hats, Tea parties, flowers, lace, lots of greenery, bugs. etc. Hope this helps.

This color palette is amazing. I will have to make time to create something for this train.

I love these colors! I am in on this one for sure! smiley

I have my part done!

Holy cow! How do you all finish so quickly?!?!?!? smiley That's awesome!

Love your kit Cintia

Thank you girls! I guess I just a had an inspiration, it doesn't really goes this quick every month!! smiley

hi Ladies,
I didn't take part of the blog train since long long so here is my part!!!

my blog :

@ Cintia...your papers are beautiful and the elements are so adorable!!!

@ Marina...the patterns on your papers are awesome and your elements are beautiful!!!

I really like these colors as well! Hopefully I can get to it BEFORE the last week of the month like I usually do.

My 200 hundred plus part will go live on August 1st.


here's my kit:

Cinthia: your kit is so gorgeous and it matches mine! (yes I am already finished too! smiley )
Marina: I love your bows/ribbons!
Mersija: Is the word art in your preview also in the kit (Garden Party), that is so pretty and sweet. 200 pieces!!! wow, you worked very hard!
Andrea: Are you going to surprise us? (because I can't see everything smiley )

Thank you so much...but everyone rocked!!!! Well done Ladies

Thank you you sweetie,tho i'm not sure what your saying.LOL!!

Thought I might have a little go at this one... Here's my contribution of 9 3x4 journal cards....

Set to go live on August 1st smiley