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@ Mersija: I mean the text "garden party" on your preview in pink and glitter, is that going to be an element in the kit (wordart)? smiley

Here is my contribution, it will be available on my blog August 1 case all of you haven't guessed yet….I really like fairies ;)

@ Mersija…WOW oh WOW that is an awesome kit…LOVE the bears!!

@ Andrea…Beautiful papers, I love the patterns!!

@ Elouise, I looked up these quotes from Alice in Wonderland, but ended up not using them…I am sooooo glad you did! Absolutely adorable journal cards!

Decided to throw in Alpha and Numbers (not nearly as awesome as the Alpha in the July Blog Train, but maybe some will like it and can use it)

Oh my God girls! I can't wait for next month! This train is going to be awesome!!!
@Nadia: Oh, I can't wait to see your part! ;D

@Nadia,No i didn't place it in the kit,however,just because you mentioned it and i'm assuming it's something you want i will place a few word arts with the glitter text in the kit.

@Dawn,Thank you sweetie,i went crazy on the elements and just couldn't stop.You can only see a few bears,there are 6 bears in this kit,clip art i purchased from a friends resale clip art store way back.She gives them to me for half the price.Her store is called in case your intreseted.
Below is a tag i created with the kit for a party we're having in one of my groups,it's a tagger group on cafe mom.

Have a blessed day ladies!!

@Mersija: ow, that's great, yes I meant the wordart, I think it will be very nice for the blog train. It is just so cute with the glitter and all! smiley
@Cinthia: smiley it's going to be a bit like sweet stuff...going very good with your tea stuff... smiley
@Dawn: like your papers and wordart/alphas!

here is my kit completed hope you like it I had a creative block with this one

Debra, if this is what you come up with when you have creative block…WOW!! love the hanging lights as well as the butterflies and the dragonfly!!

Debra I love those little lantern lights - cute, cute, cute!

@Dawn I forgot to mention how awesome your kit looks,your the fairy queen lady.LOL!!

@Debra Looks great sweetie!!

I bought a few scripts for flowers and when I run them, they make a bunch of flowers all at once so I had a lot of "left-over" elements and papers that didn't make the final cut for my contribution above…it didn't help that I couldn't choose just a few colors from the palette. I've put them in groups by color. Here are the previews, do ya'll think I should put them on the final list as add-ons? I've already posted them on my blog for free. Please let me know…thanks!

Wow! Everyone has done an amazing job on their kits! I better get crackin'!

@Dawn,not really sure what you should do.

You have a great idea here,love the different color kits,so cool and creative.I believe this blog train is gonna be bigger and better then any other,we are headed for a long journey,lol,i can see all the beautiful kits being made by some of our creative ladies around here.

I made over 200 elements,how crazy is that?,but once i started i couldn't stop,i had to add this and that and everything in between.
You go Dawn!!

@Mersija, is your kit full size or tagger size?

I'm still learning. I did try to make a few papers though.

Here is my contribution. Love the colors this month smiley

wow loving what i am seeing..the palette is giving such pretty results with every one's imagination....
and thank you for your kind comments on my kit

Over 200?! OMG!!haha

@Dawn......My kit is both Full and Tagger sized,this is the first time i made a tagger size kit.

@.....Thank you Debra!!

@Karry Over 200,yes,i'm crazy.LOL!!
I just couldn't stop,i may add more,i love this pallete and all the colors and the theme is great.
I love you mini kit,what a beautiful,creative talent you,i wanna be like you when i grow up.

Whatever you do... don't get rid of them! I'm in LOVE!

@Crystal.....Your papers are awesome,you did a great job.

@Beth.....Who are you talking too?

love, love, love that palette... Count me in!

Here is my contribution which will be live on my blog (here) August 1.

Crystal, Karry and Deb, your kits are awesome!!! This is going to be another exciting blog train!

Thanks so much Dawn smiley

@Deb.....Love you kit sweetie,looks fun.

Thank you Mersia! I enjoyed making it and love the colors! smiley

@ Deb lovely kit

Awesome Kits Everyone. I am back from Vacation...I am working on finishing up my preview. Will have it posted shortly. smiley