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Blog Train Every Month

I'm thinking it's time to start a blog train every month. I think enough people are participating, that it should work out fine. Don't feel like you have to take part every month.

I'm thinking of following a time frame like this. I'll have to try and be better organized to keep getting things ready.

1. Open thread for color/theme suggestions. Sept 23 for Nov BT (last week of two months before)
2. Vote on color/themes. Sept 30 for Nov BT (first week of 1 month before)
3. Post Color/theme. Working period begins. Oct 7 for Nov BT (start of second week of month before)
4. Post list for live blog train. Oct 29 for Nov BT (a few days before month)

This time period would give a working period of about 3 weeks, which seems like it should be doable. Remember, blog train contributions aren't supposed to be huge, so that should give plenty of time to make a little "taster."

Marisa, I think that is a great idea and should be easily sustainable with all the new participants coming on board with the blogtrains these days. I used to make my portions larger (sometimes its hard to stop), but noticed with all the new people participating, its probably better to keep them
smaller from here on out, and even at that, the blogtrains are becoming HUGE, which is so super AWESOME!!!!! I am super excited to have one
every month!!

Yay! Every month works better for me smiley Two months is a time frame sooo large that I end up making it in a hurry on the last days because, before that, I think that there is plenty of time, lol.

But I´d suggest the follow schedule:

1. Open thread for color/theme suggestions. Sept 20 for Nov BT
2. Vote on color/themes. Sept 27 for Nov BT
3. Post Color/theme. Working period begins. Oct 1 for Nov BT
4. Post list for live blog train. Oct 27 for Nov BT

Love the idea!

I love this idea!

Okay, I've added something pretty similar to Lorien's dates to my calendar, so it's going to happen!

Monthly blog trains sounds excellent to me! I need the incentive to get off my tush and get creative, and the restricted theme/color selection forces me to think outside my usual bag of tricks at times.

Glad both because I could help somehow, and because our very own BT is becoming monthly. I can´t wait to see everybody´s fantastic kits more often smiley


i love this idea, sounds excellent to me and of course count me in, i love doing blog trains ♥♥

I absolutely -LOVE- that you are moving it to every month, and your schedule looks great too.

I think it's a wonderful idea!

Could we have a list or calendar with all the dates for blog train, designer challenge etc. Then all the dates of PS events are all in one place and people (me lol) won't miss anything. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.

@Michelle: I will have that coming up! Good idea!

I was just shifting into a faster gear with my designing skills, so the timing is perfect. Only need to control my urge to create huge kits, but I am not alone in that I notice smiley

I've been trying to reign in my kits, and I'm really happy with my new controlled size. I get more kits made and can play with more themes!

That's a great idea Marisa, I always like to keep myself busy & I love participating in blog trains, attracts more traffic to your blog smiley

I think it's perfect, because then we have the flexibility do do it as often as we want. We can do it for six months in a row, take a brake, and then start up again.

I would be game for joining in the blog train. I have not joined one here before but I am trying to get more involved in the community here. I love all the wonderful stuff you ladies make.

I have been looking around and would like to join the blog train, but I'm just a bit confused as to how to join this one. Can someone point me in the right direction please. smiley

There are some simple directions here for joining.

Gotcha this is what I was looking for. So I will grab the October Palette and get busy. Oh btw I looked for way to send you a note on pinterest but did not see one. Can I get an invite when you have time? Thanks Marisa! smiley

4. A few days before the beginning of the month for the blog train I will post a sign-up thread where people can post their preview and link.

YES!! I would love to join on next blog train... please let me know where to sign up, vote or anything like that? I'm still "learning" the site, so I need links where I should go, LOL smiley

@Andrea: Try this link, it will explain everything you need to know about joining. There is no need to sign up, just post your preview in the assigned thread when the time comes. The schedule for the next two months is here:

Ooh, this will be fun! I love the idea of more fun freebies. Like others have said, it may be tough to only make a small kit...but it's definitely a good idea considering how many people are participating nowadays. Yay!

I'm glad it's monthly. November will be my first one but I look forward to the push in creativity!!

I like the monthly train idea. Gives everyone more chances to get involved. I just finished my second one and I am loving it!! Looking forward to December now.