Choose a palette/theme for our February 2014 Blog Train

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Choose a palette/theme for our February 2014 Blog Train

Make your choice for the February 2014 blog train. There is still an error with the poll, so after you make a choice, you'll see an error, but you're choice has been recorded and if you refresh the page you'll be able to see the results.

Be Mine image
Be Mine
30% (45 votes)
Love Yourself image
Love Yourself
29% (43 votes)
Puppy Love image
Puppy Love
21% (32 votes)
Sweet Valentine image
Sweet Valentine
18% (28 votes)
Total votes: 148

ok, I voted, but not sure if it really took smiley I like the one with the greens smiley

smiley voted

I voted too but it gave me an error... love the Sweet Valentine smiley

hard to decide but i voted for "Be Mine"... smiley

voted - it was hard to decide, but I like the love yourself theme

so hard to choose between be mine and sweet valentine. I voted!

I think the "Love Yourself" colour palette is just gorgeous... it reminds me of the 1940s; there's a definite vintage feel, and it's very pretty! smiley

I vote foe Puppy Love!

Be mine smiley

I´m going to skip this one - definitely not on the mood!

It was hard to pick one, but I love the first one Be Mine. And it's showing that my vote counted smiley

Puppy love looks great, i think orange is beatiful when the time is winter smiley

Voted. Loving the Puppy Love the most!

Todos los colores están hermosos y es difícil elegir, pero me quedo con el que tiene verde porque el verano nos tiene locos y lo necesitamos por estos lados.

I tried to vote, but got a message there's an error with the HTTP address. I like Love Yourself.

They're all so pretty smiley

All pretty. The theme "Love Yourself" is real nice.

I voted as well but got the error. I chose Be Mine but Sweet Valentine was a close second.

I voted, I liked two of them, but I had to choose one!

Be mine

Voted smiley

They all look great but I ended up with voting for Puppy Love

I voted for the Love Yourself one, the colours seemed to be more versatile than the others.

I also think the Love Yourself one will provide more creative opportunities! But whatever is fine with me.

I voted and it came up with an error message when I tried again it said I had voted. But I love the love yourself colour palette.

I voted, but it was hard to choose. Love all the choices.

I voted!!

As I mentioned in the initial post, an error message will display when you save your vote, but your vote has been counted and if you refresh you'll see the results. Sorry for the confusion!


looking forward to it!! smiley


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