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@Sharon... thank you SO much for sharing your mini kits... they are AMAZING! I love how you split up the color palette, too.

Catherine - Thanks for the feedback and I loved your sparkly kit (love sparkle for Christmas as scrap pages and apparently all over my floor, furniture, dogs, husband...literally!)HA

I thought I had posted my part to this train but I don't see it. Did I post it wrong?

@Karen... It looks like you posted it in the "in progress" forum thread during November, (which is a place for questions and BT chit chat, sharing your preview before the train goes live is optional). The Sign Ups thread goes up a few days before the train goes live and that's where people will find the list of participants.

Geezzz, you would think I could get the hang of this. I had made a large kit too. I suppose I can't add it at this point?

You can still add to the sign up thread Karen.

Yes I'm sure there are plenty of us who'd love to have your portion Karen, myself included!

What a huge train! My EHD will explode if I download all of this. I have been downloading a few lovely kits and just wanted to leave some love to the ladies I visited without a blog or ways to comment:

@Harriet, I adore your knitted and quilted papers.
@Dewi, Je hebt echt stijl! Het lijkt wel of je al jaren ontwerpt. Love your color combinations and your eye for detail. I generally dislike glitter, but I love what you did with it!

Thanks for letting me add my kit to the train. I was able to download all the kits and look at them just the other day and I must say it is an awesome train. I think this is the biggest and best collab that I have seen. Everyone did such a fantastic job. smiley smiley

Thanks Catherine, I added it.

@Melo, Thank you so much for your kind comment! It really means a lot, especially coming from a great designer like you. smiley

First - I would like to thank, Marisa for this site and organizing everything and to thank those that help her.
Second - I would like to thank, Sharilynn Marie for posting the complete list which is so helpful.
Third - I would like to thank each and every designer that so graciously shares with those of us that are far less talented yet want to create beautiful and lasting memories. YOU GUYS ARE GREAT.
And lastly I want to thank those of you that posted comments that directed me to this site.