Dec 2013 Blog Train: In Progress

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Here is my contribution for the blog train! smiley
★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★
Beautiful colors as always! I think I exceeded myself just a little smiley
Just the best for my followers/fans!! smiley

Wow!! I've been looking through the previews - what a great train this will be. I've been a little quiet this week - had to sub three days in 4th grade and didn't have a lot of free time for scrapping. Gotta get busy and finish my part of the train! Looking forward to a busy Dec 1 grabbing all the kits!!!

Nice colors, love the purple added in smiley looking great so far!!

I made a mini, but I have been sick. I am SICK of being sick, you know? Geez! Now I am trying to decide whether to use it, start over, or skip this month entirely. Yucks! smiley

Everyone else's looks very soft and pretty! Great work guys!

Jiovanna, your kits are always gorgeous!

@Melissa: Awww... thank you for your kind compliment! smiley

Here's my preview:

I'm just loving all of the previews so far! Gotta get started on mine. smiley

I made a mini-kit, concentrating on three of the colors in the palette.

It will be available on my blog on December 1.

Marisa,i would really love to have the glitters for this pallet........Pleeeeease!!

Here's my part.

Yah! @ Phyllis: I really love your part! I love the ice bear and the reindeer and the patterns of your papers. @ Rachelle: thanks for making the glittery word art! It´s not one of my strong points to make. smiley

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.
I really want to try to participate this month! I will try.

Here is my part

It will be available on my blog

I finished my part, it was so much fun again working on it

@Jessica - you're like the cluster queen! Your elements set is gorgeous! smiley

can it be December 1st already, can't wait for the blog train to leave!! smiley

I'm with Samantha....I'm so ready!!! This is going to be another gorgeous one with so many different takes on the colors!

I have a question: When recoloring your elements to the red color, like your flowers, I couldn't get mine to be that dark bright red?? Tips??

@kiana, I'm using Psp, so I don't know what programm you use, but when the red is to light I use the gamma correction, then I can make something darker or lighter

@Amanda....thank you for your kind words, it's the first time I make the preview this way

Just gorgeous kits!!! I can't wait for Dec 1!!

Here's my part

I had so much more I wanted to do, but I had to stop somewhere!! smiley Think I'll have to do some add-ons for my blog. I love the mix of traditional and non-traditional colors I've seen throughout the thread. This will be a gorgeous kit when we get it all done. Now I have to take a lot of pictures at Christmas so I can use it all!!

Click on the preview to go to my blog.
I will link the preview to my box acct late Nov 30th,so it will be ready for the train departure.

You ladies have made such great kits.

I love this color set - I am going to fully read all the rules and I think I will try to join in -

There are some really awesome kits up for the Blog Train!
Can't wait!

so far so good.. amazing work everyone.. & we still have few days left smiley

pffff, I finally finished mine. Had a hard time finding true inspiration this month... and I am still not really happy with it, but I need to quit now. Before it grows even bigger...

@Melouise - always love your felt! that garland is just darling!!

Thanks Jessica. I use PS. I'm thinking that would be the hue/saturation for me. I'll try it out

So, this will be my first blog train. I'm excited to see how it goes! is mine.