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yep, I just checked it out, did a search for winter wonderland and the first two listed are from the blog train. granted, these are freebies, not that that should matter, but I also saw some on the scraps main page that I know are not freebies so you know it's done illegally. You can have them removed if they are yours. They should have some type of form to fill out to have it removed.

@Melissa I am gonna go look and see if one of mine are on there,thanks for the info.

@Pamela Are they selling them,do you know that?

I couldn't tell from my quick look if it was just a free download site or not. I didn't see prices on anything.

You have to pay for download time. I just found one of my kits on there. Grrr.... Complain to GoDaddy, and if they get enough complaints on their site, they will be shut down! Granted, they will probably just open up somewhere else, with another name, but we can make it harder for them!

This looks like so much fun! I may have to wait til next month to participate - but I may just have to try my hand with this palette and see what I can accomplish. I'm enjoying following along - everyone has come up with some fabulous designs.

Whew! I finally have a Winter Wonderland Kit done. Sorry this is late. Hope you enjoy.