Dec 2013: Blog Train Sign Ups

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Hi everyone--Here's my mini for Winter Wonderland. Hope you enjoy!

The link will be live on my blog on December 1. I have also added a coordinating cluster.

Goes live Dec 1st on the blog

Here's my part. You can grab it on my blog CraftBliss now! smiley

My part is ready to go on my site : Desert Willow Designs

My part will be available here December 1st.

My kit is available on my blog here.

Wow.. I love everyone's parts so far.. very colorful palette!
I did something a bit different for this blog train <Hope it's okay>. I created a printable gift set that includes .studio & .svg cutting files (as well as .pdf, .png & .jpg). There is also a tutorial included for the gift bag.
I hope you can use it!

Close up of the patterns & gift bag

And it is live on my blog now

Here is my preview and bonus bits:
and You can get it here:

My first participation in a blog train. I learned so much!
Big thanks to Brooke Gazarek at Scraproots and Melissa at Timberscraps for helping me figure this out!
I have a direct link and a FB link. They're the same file, but I am hoping some of you can help me test a new download app I am trying on my FB page. Either way, I hope you enjoy! Love everyone's designs! Here's my FB link: click on the free download button. Or the direct link here.

Hello! Here is my contribution to the blog train. I hope you like it - and a big thanks to Melo for picking me to test out her puffy felt action. smiley I love it!

You can download it from my blog here: Cat Scrap Fever

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!

What Absolutely Beautiful goodies you all have made!

Thank you Sharilynn for taking on the long list of participants so everyone can find all the blogs. smiley

I haven't even had time to get anything from last month's train yet...but I will certainly be picking
all of these gorgeous creations up and if I'm lucky, maybe I will be able to find some of the last train's
goodies to pick up too!

Here is where you can pick up my part of the train: Kathie Stevens Designs

While you're there, check the post below it for another CU freebie I made for the Worldwide Christmas Event! smiley

My portion is going to be a bit late, will have it finished up by the end of today. smiley

Okay here it is!

Yet another gorgeous blog train...just love how many people participate on this site! smiley

My portion can be found on my Facebook business page under the 'fan freebie' tab. If you don't have Facebook, please don't hesitate to email me for a direct link!

Here is my part, beautiful parts everyone smiley

I made one more alpha for the blog train:

Download HERE

Hello Everyone,

Sorry to be posting a week late. Things have been a little nuts here, the hubby fell down the stairs and broke his wrist and things have been upside down since!

In any case, if you'd like this portion of the kit, you can snag from my blog post here:

Digital Scrap Freebies

Hi everyone!

I also have a late contribution to this month's Blog Train, but to make it up to you I made TWO kits!

You can download them from my website

I had so much fun with the "Winter Wonderland" blog train that I couldn't stop making stuff! Here is a little add-on "Build-a-Brad" kit. I hope you have fun with it.

Click for bigger preview image.

Snag it at my "Made by Holly Wood" blog . . . here.

Thanks for letting me add this. My download is here

I made some coordinating alphas for the alpha designer challenge and wanted to share them here, too.


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