Dec 2013: Ideas and Palettes

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so I've just realized that the "Whoville" palette is also extremely similar to the palette Marisa used for her Merry & Bright kit a few years ago

I smiley Sharilyn's last one too! The red & green are nice traditional colors and the others allow for a more non-traditional mix-up. Lots of possibilities! I would suggest adding (gold & silver of course) but also maybe a cream/off-white and deep brown-black for contrast. smiley

Here's a color palette from pictures of my dog & my youngest @ Christmastime:

I am also quite in love with Sharilynn's last palette! I think that adding gold and silver to it would make it perfect!

Oh, and I also would love to see a holiday theme for this one! =D

I would love a holiday theme this time around, and I also like the idea of non traditional colors

Winter Berry posted by Sherilynn is my fave combo. Navigate from Sharon is my second fave. After working as a visual specialist for Kohls for many years I am totally burnt out on the basic colors of Christmas. I am more attracted now to the basic softer hues and natural ornaments;)

@Lizanne - What a cute pic of your dog!!

I like these the best:

from Sharilynn:

from Sharon:

from Amanda:

i recently noticed that most of us liked Sharilynn's last palette,
i noticed some of you would like to add the silver & gold colors so i made this adding those colors,
what you guys think? yay or nay??

@Catherine: Thanks! smiley She was the first dog/puppy I ever raised, so she was super special to me! I hope to get another dog someday - maybe after the kids are all grown up. Not sure how the siameses I adopted 2 years ago would take to a dog...

What about "Celebrate Winter" ? That way the people who don't necessarily want to do a Christmas kit (like me and Lorien) have a way out smiley

There are already so many pretty color-scheme's I am not going to post another one. I love the pinks Sharon posted - I can't choose between any of them. I also really like the aqua-red one Amanda posted. Since I am trying to avoid making a Christmas kit, I vote non-traditional colors too smiley

What do you think about this neutral color palette?

Let's build our holiday stash, so we will be prepared for December Daily smiley

I like the "Celebrate Winter" idea, Melouise. It seems open enough to allow for both winter holiday and non-holiday related themes.

@Samantha - I like.

I am a sucker for teal/aqua and red so anything with that works for me as well. smiley

I instantly fell in love with the Whoville palette!! I can already see such a cute holiday theme kit with these colors and the gold and silver added to it makes it perfect!!